Review - No So Trustable Online Pharmacy Closed Review – No So Trustable Online Pharmacy Closed was an internet drugstore that operated for more than 11 years prior to closing. During their run, they promised their customers a savings of up to 90% especially for popular medications that can be ordered from local pharmacies. The medicines offered by this e-store were US FDA and CPA approved. The location of this e-dispensary was in Iowa, USA.

There were six medical categories that catered. They offered drugs for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, ADHD, anxiety, pain relief, and weight loss. The prices of their medicines were available in three currencies, US dollars, Pound Sterling, and Euro.

For their bestsellers, most were under the premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction category. On the list, we found generic Viagra that was sold for $0.65 per tablet, generic Cialis that was sold for $0.75 per tablet, and Kamagra Polo that was sold for $2.30 per pill. Other drugs included in their bestsellers list were generic Levitra, Viagra Soft, Suhagra, Kamagra, and Tadalafil Soft. Other medications included in their list were Percocet, Carisoprodol, Hydrocodone, Fioricet, Sibutramine, and Clonazepam.

Clicking on a particular drug will lead you to a page with more information about the said drug. This is something that we liked about this e-dispensary. They provided information such as drug description, specification, and reviews available from consumers who purchased the said drug. The information provided was certainly helpful especially for consumers who might be trying it for the first time. On each product page, they also provided the available packs available.

Before completing an order, customers of Aimpharmacy were able to choose from the three available shipping methods they had. They offered First Class Mail Delivery that takes 3 to 5 business for $35. Those who cannot pay $35 can have Trackable Courier Shipping for $30 and wait for up to 9 business day. The cheapest delivery method that consumers of this e-store can use was Unregistered Mail. This costs $15 and the delivery time was up to 21 days. The grace period was 15 days for all delivery methods hence customer can make a report for missing or lost orders after 15 days more. For PO Box addresses, thetrack my order only available method of shipping was Unregistered Mail. Orders can be tracked via the ‘’ page of offered a guaranteed 45-day shipping on all orders. They also offered guaranteed high-quality products. This e-store reships and refunds orders as long as the issue was not caused by the customer (eg providing an incorrect address or incomplete address). For concerns, all consumers of Aimpharmacy were advised to contact the support team via their contact us page or by sending a letter to Aim Pharmacy, Iowa City, US. Reviews

Having a customer review is a big point for every online store. A customer review, especially a positive one, can serve as a free advertisement and promotion for an online store. With this in mind, we assume that online stores are always looking for a way to get positive reviews. So for, we spent some time searching for their customer reviews and we found this.

Aimpharmacy Review

The first thing that we found for was a forum page where a forum member shared his experience about the drug he ordered from The consumer named Dobie said that he received his order and it says it was from India. He tried it and was frustrated to feel nothing. He then noticed some misspelled words on the package such as the name of the drug.

Aimpharmacy Review

Dobie said that he sent an email to telling them of his experience and after a month, someone with an Indian accent called him and offered to resend his order. He was asked to pay for the shipping which was $20 and Dobie out of frustration agreed. After three months, Dobie was back with an update saying that he didn’t receive anything and was just sad that he was scammed for another $20.

Aimpharmacy Client Review

Aside from Dobie, we also found some reviews on the website of We found two reviews for Viagra. The first one was from Zeric Paul who gave it a 5-star rating, saying that he received his order as promised and he noticed how effective it was.

The second review was from Pankaj who said that the medication he orders was effective for all gender.

These mixed reviews of were not able to deceive us – most likely, the on-site reviews were fake, and the review shared by Dobie was a real one. Dobie’s review was from a forum (a third-party source) and we strongly believe that he was indeed scammed by this e-store that was pretending to be in the US. Reviews 2018

The last web archived information we found for was some time in 2016 hence we assume that 2018 customer reviews were not available for this e-store. Coupon Code

Aimpharmacy Coupon Code

We are surprised to find a coupon code for with a 24-hour expiry date. The code was for a $20% discount for orders over $100. The code provided was 01EB509C.

Aimpharmacy Offers

Aside from the coupon code, also released offers that aim to entice customers to try their store. They offered free shipping on all orders over $500 and they offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Conclusion was a US online pharmacy that was based in Iowa. The operation date of this e-store was not available, but they probably operated until 2016. Their reviews were mixed but we find the third-party review more believable as compared to their very positive on-site reviews.

The design of this e-store was okay, and we liked the fact that they offered a lot of information about each medicine they offered. However, it would be great if they had a phone support team that can assist customers to avoid waiting for a month before receiving an answer like what happened to Dobie.

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