Review – A Shop Without Much Online Information Review – A Shop Without Much Online Information was an online pharmacy that’s now inaccessible. What more, this online pharmacy had very little information available on the web, which makes it difficult to assess, even using a web archive site. In order to review Big Pharma Sales, I had to take a look at former descriptions for the store since there weren’t any saved information for this online drugstore. I guess was one of the less popular websites which received no buyer attention and hence have closed down prematurely and without so much as informing the customers.

To be able to know more about this website, I have also used a third-party service. I was able to discover that Big Pharma Sales was created in 2016 and it was even detected to have an SSL certificate which was valid from February 2016 to February 2017. For those unaware of what an SSL certificate is, it’s actually something that protects online buyers from getting their financial information hacked by a third-party. Websites without SSL protection put their customers at risk of getting their financial information stolen from them, so it’s important to look for stores with SSL certificates, especially if you’re planning to purchase anything from the store. As for the location, Big Pharma Sales’ server was identified in the Netherlands, although its owner was detected in Australia.

From what I’ve read, the store Big Pharma Sales was an online seller of generic and brand medications. Big Pharma Sales assured its customers that its products were genuine and safe to use, but budget-friendly. Like most online pharmacies, Big Pharma Sales has sourced its products from Indian manufacturers and hence assured the buyers that the medicines found on the shop were at least Indian FDA certified.

As for the products on Big Pharma Sales, the store carried medicines common to online pharmacy stores, like erectile dysfunction treatments, pain relief medicines, allergy meds, and plenty others. Customers did not need to send their prescriptions to Big Pharma Sales for their orders to be processed since the shop allows no-Rx purchases even of its prescription-only medicines. This is actually illegal practice, but still, most online pharmacies allow no-Rx purchases, arguing that the medicines they sell aren’t scheduled substances and therefore eligible for no-Rx purchases.

Since Big Pharma Sales is now closed, I was unable to get ahold of prices for its most popular items, its shipping rates, refund and reshipment policies, and payment options. The shop, having received little to no web attention, also had no information regarding its premature closure. Reviews

Just like what I’ve described in the previous section, I was unable to read reviews for the Big Pharma Sales store on the web – real customer first-hand experiences anyway. There were no user comments for the Big Pharma Sales shop from buyers who were actually able to purchase something from the store, just blog entries from users describing their impressions of Big Pharma Sales.

It would have been great to see actual reviews for the Big Pharma Sales stores so I can at least discover what kind of service Big Pharma Sales was able to give its buyers. Although I think the lack of customer reviews is disadvantageous for Big Pharma Sales, I actually appreciate the fact that Big Pharma Sales did not have negative customer reviews on the web, which makes the situation kind of balanced (from my vantage point at least). Reviews 2018

We can’t really expect anything from Big Pharma Sales especially customer reviews since the store’s domain registry has expired in 2017, which means that the shop closed down in 2017. While there are no existing reviews for the Big Pharma Sales store online, I was able to use a service to help me assess the current situation of Big Pharma Sales:

Best Cure Shop Website Assessment Report
Best Cure Shop Website Assessment Report

Details for Big Pharma Sales indicate that the store was not yet reported as an unsafe store and that it had an SSL certificate. However, the domain assessing platform I used has identified the following negative points for Big Pharma Sales:

  • Not many visitors – Scamner has identified that Big Pharma Sales was an unpopular store
  • Short life expectancy – According to Scamner, the best online pharmacies have long life expectancies
  • No trust records – Stores without trust records like Big Pharma Sales are questionable

All in all, Big Pharma Sales was only given a 0% trust score. Coupon Codes

Since the shop Big Pharma Sales is now offline, I was unable to gain information for this store’s coupon codes and other deals. However, I think the shop offered at least bulk order discounts to customers with bulk orders. I think the shop might have also offered conditional free shipping and freebie pills, like what’s usually offered at online pharmacies.


Big Pharma Sales has already closed down and there’s no reason why the shop did shut down prematurely. There are no reviews available for the shop on the web, so I was unable to know what really happened with the online drugstore.

Since the store is now closed, I suggest looking for other online pharmacies to use instead – there are reliable stores like the ones included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies, stores that have tons of reviews and ship reliable, genuine medications.

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