Review – Canadian Drugstore Now Offline Review – Canadian Drugstore Now Offline was a former web drugstore that catered to individuals with the need for generic medicines, mostly for erectile dysfunction and men’s health related diseases. The store featured a color scheme that suggests the store came from the maple country, although there is nothing on the shop that explicitly states that the shop has operated in Canada or at least originated from the country.

This online store, unfortunately, has now closed down. Instead of the usual store, I was confronted with an error message while trying to access the site. I tried to look for reasons why this shop has now closed, but the web does not have results about why this store has closed after operating for several years.

The store offered products typically found at online pharmacies – generic versions of almost every drug you can find at local drugstores, although with much lower prices. Medicines for impotence took the center stage at Canadian Pharmacy AMS, but the shop has also emphasized the sale of medicines for weight loss, cholesterol, fertility, and others. Buyers purchased their medicines from Canadian Pharmacy AMS without Rx, which was really against the law but was a de facto law amongst online pharmacies.

Prices for products sold at Canadian Pharmacy AMS were low – for instance, it only offered generic Viagra for as low as $0.91 and generic Cialis for as low as $1.43 per pill – but these prices weren’t really the cheapest on the web.

According to the web archive information on Canadian Pharmacy AMS, the shop has records since 2013, but the store mentioned that it started in 2008, which I couldn’t really confirm. Reviews

I checked buyer reviews for the Canadian Pharmacy AMS store but unfortunately, the store had nothing more but on-site reviews for its overall performance. Honestly, I was expecting something more from the store since it has operated for a few years.

Canadian Pharmacy AMS Web Reviews
Canadian Pharmacy AMS Web Reviews

Although I should be thankful that the store had reviews, on-site testimonials aren’t really trustworthy given they have just originated from the store they are published in. In most cases, on-site testimonials are just published by the website owners to lure in more customers – on-site reviews are often all positive and overly constructive about the shop in question.

In the case of Canadian Pharmacy AMS, the store only had on-site reviews and true enough, they were all positive. According to Mrs. Antonetti, the shop rescued her from a life and death situation, but the user did not care to elaborate more on the details.

Mark and several customers have commented that they have received their orders from the Canadian Pharmacy AMS store.

While it’s great to see positive comments for an online pharmacy, on-site reviews are often hard to verify – I’m not saying that these reviews are false, but they may be a little biased towards the shop they’re published in. Reviews 2018

I have no exact information on when the Canadian Pharmacy AMS store closed down, but the store did not have reviews in 2018 since it perhaps closed before 2018. To be able to check information about the Canadian Pharmacy AMS store, I had to use several third-party platforms, like CIPA Rx and Scamner.

CIPA Rx Verification for Canadian Pharmacy AMS
CIPA Rx Verification for Canadian Pharmacy AMS

Since Canadian Pharmacy AMS has claimed that it was certified by the CIPA Rx, a Canadian Pharmacy organization, I tried to verify if the shop was indeed approved by this organization. Sadly, according to the result of the analysis from CIPA, the store Canadian Pharmacy AMS was not included in the 60 online pharmacies certified by the organization.

Canadian Pharmacy AMS Net Website Assessment Outcome
Canadian Pharmacy AMS Net Website Assessment Outcome

Checking Canadian Pharmacy AMS against the database, I also discovered that the shop was considered an unapproved pharmacy with a low trust score (only 4% out of 100%) and it was primarily because the store did not have an SSL certificate (which should be present in all online stores), the shop did not have visitors, and the store had complaints about it being a scam site. Coupon Codes

Canadian Pharmacy AMS Deals
Canadian Pharmacy AMS Deals

As for coupon codes, like most online drugstores, the Canadian Pharmacy AMS shop did not have any to offer its buyers. However, instead of coupon codes, the store had other deals available for its buyers, like the following:

Here are the deals available on Canadian Pharmacy AMS:

  • 10% off on every order
  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Free sample pills on all orders of erectile dysfunction medicines


Canadian Pharmacy AMS was an online drugstore that sold generic medicines and distributed them worldwide to help buyers with limited budgets to afford their otherwise super expensive medications. This online pharmacy has only existed for a short while and has closed down without informing at least its faithful customers.

I checked for buyer reviews for the Canadian Pharmacy AMS store, but the shop did not have any third-party reviews available. Yes, it had on-site comments available, but since these reviews are hard to verify, we’re not really sure if they were authentic comments from real buyers.

Since Canadian Pharmacy AMS is now closed, it’s good for the buyers to look for alternative stores to use for their medicine purchases. We suggest using shops belonging to our list of TOP Web Vendors for the year since these stores are proven reliable and have the best online prices for the meds you need.

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