Review – Operated for an Unknown Period of Time Review – Operated for an Unknown Period of Time was an online pharmacy whose date of origin was unknown but has closed down somewhere in 2017. It was an online pharmacy that had a huge assortment of medicines, offering customers prescription drugs at very low prices. Due to the good prices that it has offered, the site may have had a lot of customers back when it was still active. Based on the prices of its products, one can tell that their selection of drugs was 80% to 90% cheaper than those which were sold by the local pharmacies. This meant that its clients were not only able to save big but were also able to buy great quantities of their needed medications for their future use.

The reason for the affordable medicine prices of was no secret. What it sold were only generic medicines, drugs which are known to be cheaper versions of the costly medicines that can be bought at the local pharmacies. But even though these medicines were cheaper, it had the same active ingredients as the branded drugs and using them gave the patients the exact same results. Of course, didn’t source these medicines from the US where drug prices were over the roof. The suppliers where got its products from were from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, and New Zealand. These countries have the same quality standards as the pharmaceutical companies in the US but since the manufacturing costs in them are low, imported their pharmaceutical products and made it available to more people through the web.

Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration

Although cheap, the generic medicines which were sold by were said to be of good quality. All of its products were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which was a guarantee to the customers that the generic medicines that bought were effective, safe, and on par with the costly branded drugs on the local pharmacies. Concerning scripts, did not require its customers to provide prescriptions whenever they bought prescription drugs from its site. Its site did not have any fax numbers or email address to send prescriptions. The site offered a hassle-free experience to its clients as they were no longer required to have costly and time-consuming doctor appointments just to be able to purchase their medications. The customers of were able to buy prescription meds without having to provide any scripts.

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Unfortunately, is no longer available as a website and accessing its domain name on a browser will only give users a blank page. No one knows exactly about the reason behind its site’s closure as it just suddenly disappeared. Some speculate that it might be an internal issue that forced the site to close down while others think that it was one of the many online pharmacies that were shut down by the US Government due to the campaign launched by the corporate drugstore chains. But whatever the real reason was, the shutdown of was a loss to the customers who have depended on it for their drug needs. Due to the number of scam and fraudulent drugstores on the web, it’s not easy to find dependable sources like But there’s nothing more than can be done by its customers but to look for a different online pharmacy as its site is already closed for good.

The captures that the web archives were able to make for no longer showed the original appearance of its site as these may have been made when the site was already being deconstructed. Because of this, we are only left with very little information about its past as a site with no images to help us describe what it really was back then. Reviews

Most customers who are looking for online pharmacies to buy from first check the reviews section of a site to know if it’s indeed reliable. The feedback that came from the customers before them tell a lot about a site’s reputation and will help them decide on whether to continue and purchase or to back out and look for a different one. The customer testimonials give the new clients an insight about the online pharmacy and will give them an idea on what kind of store they will be potentially dealing with. Sadly, there are no longer any reviews available for as its site has already been closed for a long time. On the web archives, it says that it had a testimonials section but since it was mentioned earlier that the site was being deconstructed by the time that the web captures were made, that part was already blank which leaves us with no available information. Even third-party reviews are not anymore available on the web and this might be because of the length of time that the site was already closed. Reviews 2018

It’s no longer possible for us to get any new or recent reviews for because its site no longer exists. Visiting its domain name will only give the users a blank page since its IP address was already disabled and the only way to view the remnants of its site is through the web archives. Coupon Codes

As for the available promotions, offers, discounts, and coupons offered by, there’s no longer any way for us to see them as its site was being deconstructed when the captures were made by the web archives.

Web Archives
Web Archives

We can only speculate about the offers that has made when it was still active as only very little information are available to us because of the fact that the site no longer exists.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that sold affordable and quality medicines for an unknown period of time on the web. It may have had a good number of customers before but its site is already closed for unknown reasons. may no longer be available but customers can always check our recommended providers for trustworthy pharmacy options.

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