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Canadian Top Pharmacy was an online pharmacy that existed somewhere from 2008 until 2014. It had a full six (6) years of selling medicines online and it was among the number of successful online pharmacies on the web. Just like other online pharmacies, the products which were sold by Canadian Top Pharmacy were generic medicines. These were effective medications, cheaper versions of the pricy branded drugs at the local drugstores that have the exact same ingredients and formulation. Using generics gave people similar results as the brand-name medicines, making them great alternatives. Since generic medicines were normally cheaper than the branded drugs, Canadian Top Pharmacy never had any difficulties in marketing them. Customers were able to save great amounts of money in purchasing the generics sold by Canadian Top Pharmacy as these drugs were up to 90% cheaper than the ones sold at the local drugstores. It was a win-win offer to the buyers as they weren’t only able to save big but they were also able to purchase enough amounts of the medicines that they needed.

But the days when Canadian Top Pharmacy was still operating were long over and no one knows exactly why it has closed down. Its IP address is still active and users can still visit its site but what appears is not an online pharmacy but a domain which is for sale. Canadian Top Pharmacy was a reliable medicine source online and many of its customers were baffled by the termination of its operations. No announcement or notice was given on its site before it ceased being an online pharmacy, leading to many speculations. Some suspect that it was involved in illegal activities such as selling counterfeit medicines that’s why it was seized or forcefully closed down but this guess is very unlikely since its domain name is still active and is currently for sale. What appears to be the reason why it no longer exists is because of some internal problems that it may have encountered back in the day which led the administrators and the developers of Canadian Top Pharmacy to terminate its operations. It’s anyone’s guess actually since the site gave no statement or reason as to why it has decided to stop existing as an online pharmacy.

The most popular and best-selling products of Canadian Top Pharmacy back in the day were pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). These drugs made up the 97% of its bestsellers which means that in all of its products, these were the most in-demand. Canadian Top Pharmacy knew that ED was a common condition that affected a great number of elderly men that’s why it offered a variety of generic ED brands for its clients to choose from. Generic versions of the popular ED brands like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis can be purchased from its site for prices which were below $2 per pill. Compared to the prices of ED brands offered by local drugstores which range from $70 to $80 USD per pill, buyers saved more than 95% in purchasing their ED meds at Canadian Top Pharmacy.

Other than its bestselling ED meds, Canadian Top Pharmacy also offered other medicine categories such as allergy meds, antibiotics, birth control pills, cancer medications, diuretics, skin care products, weight loss meds, and many others. Its selection of drugs may not be as large as what the local pharmacies had but Canadian Top Pharmacy made sure that it had the drugs which were commonly purchased by many and offered it at very reasonable prices. Whether Canadian Top Pharmacy required its clients to provide scripts whenever they bought prescription drugs or not, we do not know. But since the site didn’t have any fax numbers or email to send the prescriptions to, we can safely assume that prescriptions were not a requirement on its site when it still operated. Reviews

Due to the lack of third-party reviews for Canadian Top Pharmacy, what we can only discuss are the reviews which were found from within its site. Third-party reviews could’ve been much better since these reviews are impartial and transparent, allowing the readers to see a pharmacy site for what it really is. On-site reviews can also be considered as reviews but these are not really as reliable as the ones coming from third parties as there’s always a possibility that these user comments have been edited and selectively compiled to only say good things about a website. Nevertheless, let’s read these reviews and see what the customers have said about Canadian Top Pharmacy.

Canadian Top Pharmacy User Reviews
Canadian Top Pharmacy User Reviews

A customer named Tiffany was impressed with the range of products that were offered by Canadian Top Pharmacy as well as the competitive pricing that it had.

The cheap medicine prices were the reason for the review given by Fabio, a 45-year-old customer of Canadian Top Pharmacy. He was able to buy the medicines that he needed without spending too much.

It’s also the same for Rachel who commended Canadian Top Pharmacy for its cheap medicine prices and its products of good quality. She adds that the site knows how to win clients.

The reason for the review that was given by Lucy Jacobs was also about the cheap medicine prices offered by Canadian Top Pharmacy which she describes as a bargain. Review 2018

It’s already been years since Canadian Top Pharmacy has been closed and there will no longer be any new reviews for the site. The only way to find what’s left of its site is to access the internet archives where the past captures of the site are. Coupon Codes

Canadian-top-pharmacy Offers

Canadian Top Pharmacy guaranteed its clients that its prices were 10% cheaper than any other online pharmacies on the web. It also added bonus pills to the orders of customers who purchased ED pills. And lastly, Canadian Top Pharmacy also offered free deliveries for every order, regardless of the amount that their customers have purchased.


Canadian Top Pharmacy was a store that provided its customers with good alternatives to costly branded medicines in the form of cheap and effective generic drugs. Its site managed to operate for a good six (6) years before closing down due to unknown reasons. But for other great medicine sources on the web, please check our top recommended providers.

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