Edmedslineplus.Com Review – An Affordable Pharmacy Closed

Edmedslineplus.Com Review – An Affordable Pharmacy Closed

Edmedslineplus.Com is an online drugstore that does not exist anymore. When I tried loading the drugstore homepage, I found a page indicating that the domain address had been seized by the authorities. This is not an uncommon thing nowadays. As pharmacies which offer generic meds online continue to get more attention, the local pharmacies are getting lesser customers. The local drug stores will not like this.

They will, therefore, look for anyway through which they can get these customers back. The local pharmacies sell medications at an extremely high price which is why buyers are running away and buying these meds in online pharmacies which offer the same meds at a price that is more than 90% cheaper than local pharmacies. In a bid to try and get the customers who are sourcing their meds online to pay for the overly-expensive meds available in local pharmacies, the Big Pharma companies are using authorities to seize the online med stores’ domain addresses.

Edmedslineplus.Com was offering a large number of meds on its catalog. All these medications had already received approval from the FDA. Some of the medications I found on the drugstore include erectile dysfunction meds, skin care products, weight loss pills, blood pressure medications, antibiotics, arthritis pills, asthma medication, birth control and others. The store had fair prices although they are not the cheapest I have come across on the web. For example, a pill of generic Viagra was worth $0.92 while generic Cialis was costing its buyers $1.31. This is a significant reduction from the 70 dollars Big Pharma will charge for the same pills. Looking at this price difference, you can understand why buyers are running away from local pharmacies.

Buyers were allowed to pay either via credit cards or E-checks. The accepted credit cards included VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and ACH. The pharmacy was shipping medications via either Express Mail Shipping (EMS) or Registered Airmail Delivery. EMS delivery took about 5 to 9 days while the Airmail method took up to 14 days. The shipping rates varied depending on the shipping method with the EMS being the most expensive obviously, the destination and the product a buyer had purchased. The pharmacy indicated that to determine the shipping rate, the buyer had to first add the preferred meds to his/her cart.

All orders were being processed within a period of between 1 to 2 days. A buyer was allowed a period of 24 hours to cancel his or her order since placing the order. The pharmacy was offering refunds and accepting returns. The drugstore initiated the refund procedure after they had received the returned package.

Contacting Edmedslineplus.Com customer support department was easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option. Since the pharmacy is already seized, I could not try it out. Also, the drugstore had phone numbers that buyers could use to order their meds. The numbers are +1 888 524 7141 (US Toll-Free) and +44 808 189 1420 (UK Buyers).

Edmedslineplus.Com Reviews

Big pharma appears to have used the authorities to seize and also scrap everything available on the web about Edmedslineplus.Com. For this reason, I could not locate any testimonials for this drugstore on third-party sites. However, using the website capture available on web archives, I was able to get the reviews available on the drugstore website. All of them are positive. I have captured some below:

Edmedslineplus.Com Reviews

Johnny who is 34 years old says that he was hesitant to place his order online at first. He did not want to pay for a product on an online drugstore and then end up receiving a fake product. After taking the risk and receiving his medication, he found the drug to be genuine. It arrived on time and the pharmacy kept him updated about the status of his order. The drugstore was always ready to answer any questions he had.

Mike from Chicago says that he calls Edmedslineplus.Com when he has questions and the drugstore is always helpful. He was afraid to order meds online. However, when he sourced his medication at Edmedslineplus.Com, the order arrived and he found it to be the same as what he had seen on the drugstore website.

It is important to note that on-site reviews are not always true. I would discourage you from believing these testimonials since some pharmacies create fake testimonials and use them to steal from unsuspecting buyers.

Edmedslineplus.Com Reviews 2018

I could not locate any Edmedslineplus.Com testimonials written in 2018. This is because the reviews on the drugstore website have no dates. I have captured some extra testimonials available on the drugstore website below:

Edmedslineplus.Com Reviews

Stephen had ordered meds for his granddad and he got them without any issues. He stated that he would order at Edmedslineplus.Com again. Suzan says that she prefers herbal meds since they seem to work better for her. The Indian herbal medications were great for her. Her friends also decided to use Edmedslineplus.Com when they discovered her secret to source the same medication as herself.

Edmedslineplus.Com Coupon Codes

I was determined to find any coupon codes I could use when purchasing meds at Edmedslineplus.Com. However, this was not possible. This could be because the drugstore is already sized. Numerous online pharmacies usually have some nice offers in their shopping cart. I could not add any pills to the cart to determine whether were any available on Edmedslineplus.Com since the pharmacy is not online anymore.


The recent news is that the online med shops which make it easier for people to get their meds online at a cheap price are getting closed. This is exactly what happened to Edmedslineplus.Com. The local manufacturers are trying to force buyers to pay a higher price for their meds in the local drug stores by eliminating cheaper alternatives. Although Edmedslineplus.Com did not have proven reviews, the drugstore had nice prices and a wide catalog which made it easier for buyers to get the meds they needed.

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