Review – Europe-Based Online Pharmacy that Provided Cheaper Alternatives to Branded Drugs Review – Europe-Based Online Pharmacy that Provided Cheaper Alternatives to Branded Drugs

Generic 4 All was an online pharmacy that was based in Europe, a pharmacy site that helped many customers save money by providing generic alternatives to the expensive prescription drugs on its website. It was an online pharmacy with a very huge following because not only did it provide cheap and high-quality meds to its clients from Europe but it also catered to customers from all over the world, most of them coming from the US. On its website was a comprehensive selection of generic medicines from A to Z, categorized in an organized manner for its customer’s ease of access. Just like what its site’s name have said, what Generic 4 All have sold were generic medicines. Generic 4 All knew the advantage that its customers had in using generic drugs because not only did they save a lot of money, they also got the exact same effects that the branded drugs gave. This was because generic drugs had the same active ingredients as their branded equivalents and these were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for use.

It was impressive how Generic 4 All managed to make affordable drugs accessible to the customers that needed them. What it did was it imported medicines from countries where the drug prices were regulated by the government (meaning they’re cheap) and made them available on its website for the world to see and order from. Many people were pleased with what Generic 4 All did as it enabled them to save for as much as 90% on their drug expenses. The locally-sold drugs were so expensive that a pharmacy site like Generic 4 All was heaven-sent, especially to those customers who sought to save big on their meds. This method that was used by Generic 4 All was perfectly legal as it broke no laws. Customers who bought their meds on the web for their personal use (personal importation) was allowed by the US government but apparently, it didn’t please the large corporate drugstore chains and pharma companies whose profits have decreased ever since online medicine purchase became popular.

As a result, these companies have decided to eliminate the competition by launching a campaign backed by various international government agencies which aimed to close the online pharmacies down. To make the story short, this campaign was successfully executed by these large corporations and managed to close down innumerable online pharmacies including Generic 4 All. This was a huge blow not only to the owners and suppliers of Generics 4 All but also to the customers who depended on it as their trusty medicine source. Although this seemed to be a hopeless scenario, Generics 4 All acted quickly by establishing new pharmacy sites to cater to its scattered customers. But it was never the same as many customers returned to buying their meds locally and others to a different medicine source online.

Generic4all Out of Business

When it was still in business, the customers of Generics 4 All were required to register for an account on its website as guest purchases were not allowed. Without logging in on its login page, its customers weren’t able to purchase anything. What the guests were only able to do was view its products and site as a whole but they’re not allowed to make any transactions. Similar to other online pharmacies, the bestsellers of Generics 4 All were also pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). This was because its generic ED pills were so cheap that its clients were able to purchase them for as low as $1.28 USD. Local drugstores, on the other hand, had very forbidding prices for ED pills. They sold ED medicine brands such as Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis at an average price of $75 USD per pill, a price that was too expensive for an average customer to afford. Reviews

Although Generic 4 All had a reviews section of its own, what we would be using for our review analysis are the reviews that were written by its customers at a third-party review website named Trustpilot. It’s not that the customer reviews on the site of Generic 4 All were unreliable, it’s just that third-party reviews are much more transparent than onsite ones and they’re also impartial/unbiased. Let’s now take a look at these reviews and see what the customers of Generic 4 All had to say for its site.

Generic 4 All Customer Reviews
Generic 4 All Customer Reviews

The date where Alex gave his review was back in March of 2012. He shares on the review that he has given that he used the site of Generic 4 All often and that he rarely encountered any difficulties with his ordering. On one occasion, his package was lost but the site made it up for him by reshipping his orders without any charges on his part.

A user named “SteeVay” commended Generic 4 All for its three excellent qualities as an online pharmacy: outstanding customer service, prompt deliveries, and high-quality products. He gave the site a score of 5 stars.

What the customer from Australia named “T.R.” was happy about is the same as what the previous review has mentioned with the addition of cheap medicine prices and effective products. “T.R.” was so pleased with his experience with Generic 4 All that he already saw himself as a return customer. Reviews 2018

Generic 4 All has been closed since 2013 and it will no longer be possible for it to receive any new reviews. Its old reviews are still available on the web archives for the readers to see but new ones can no longer be made for it. Coupon Codes

Due to the very limited information that the web archives managed to capture for Generic 4 All, we no longer managed to retrieve anything about its past promotional offers, freebies, and discounts. Generic 4 All might have had these offers but it’s now impossible to tell what they were as these details don’t exist anymore.


Generic 4 All was a Europe-based online pharmacy that catered to customers from all over the world by providing them generic medicines which were cheaper alternatives to the branded drugs. Sadly, its site is no longer available and is now closed due to the campaign launched by the large pharmaceutical companies. For reliable online pharmacies that are still available for business, customers should visit our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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