Review – A Closed Store that Used to Sell Reasonably Priced Generics Review – A Closed Store that Used to Sell Reasonably Priced Generics was an online pharmacy whose products were solely sourced from the online pharmacies that were located in India. India is a place that is rich in low-cost, excellent raw materials used for drug production and that’s what made many pharmaceutical companies around the world establish drug manufacturing plants in their country. But the medicines that were sold by were not the ones that were produced by the known and recognized pharmaceutical companies. What it had on its site were also medicines of high quality but were produced by rising local drug manufacturers who have already started to make their presence known globally. The pharma companies whose products were sold by include Ajanta Pharma, Cipla Limited, Ranbaxy, Centurion Laboratories, Sun Pharmaceuticals, and many others. These companies have been certified by the World Health Organization as GMP-certified and their products were all approved as effective and safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Although it sold various pharmaceutical products on its website classed under numerous medicine categories, was known for its generic erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment pills. Its site had generic versions of the popular ED drug brands such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. At the local pharmacies, these drugs were very hard to obtain because aside from their very costly prices, prescriptions were required to purchase them. The average local price of these pills in the US fetch for $75 USD per tablet, a price that many people were unable to afford. But as for, it sold these ED pills for as low as $0.80 USD each for Viagra, $1.23 USD for Cialis, and $1.73 USD for Levitra. These prices that had were even lower than 5% of the branded ED drugs’ original price, giving customers a lot of money left for savings and other important things.

On top of these very affordable prices, customers also enjoyed another benefit from Its site didn’t require scripts for its prescription drugs and this allowed its clients to purchase prescription drugs freely on its website, requiring nothing other than their names, complete address, and their payment details. This was a huge relief that was given by to its clients since prescriptions were not easy to obtain.

Getting scripts meant that the customers had to make an appointment with their doctor and pay professional fees for their check-up. This was a mandatory requirement at the local pharmacies and it was not an easy prerequisite to meet for many people as it’s costly and time-consuming. To spare its clients from this hurdle, no longer added scripts as a requirement in purchasing meds from its site making it easy for its customers to obtain life-saving meds. But even if its policy on scripts were lenient, still recommended its patients to consult their doctors before using their medicines. This was for them to get proper guidance from medical professionals on how to use/administer their medications for them to get the best results.

But for some reasons that remain undisclosed up to this day,’s operations have simply stopped. Its site has ceased to exist and was no longer accessible to the frustration and disappointment of its many customers. It managed to operate for a period of two (2) solid years from 2012 up to 2014 but somewhere in 2015, its site no longer went to its usual page as became a redirect site for a different online pharmacy. If was affiliated to this website, we have a reason to believe that it is since it was also a site that sold generic drugs which were manufactured from India. As courtesy to its clients, should’ve at least given them notice that its site would no longer be in operation and have given them appropriate reasons. Reviews

Due to the length of time that its site has already been closed, there are no longer any user reviews for The pharmacy review sites that had user reviews for it may have already updated their pages, deleting the old reviews for pharmacy sites that were already closed. But these user reviews were still important as they were reflections of the experiences that the customers of had from its products and services. Checking its archived pages on the internet vaults, it appears that its site also didn’t have a reviews section where user reviews could be found. This now leaves us with no reviews to use for our review analysis as had neither onsite or third-party reviews.

As irrelevant as customer reviews may be to others, these are quite indispensable especially to those people who are looking for online pharmacies where they could purchase medicines from. Reviews are also vital to an online pharmacy’s reputation as these become the deciding factors that the customers use in gauging if they’re trustworthy or not. If good reviews make them, negative reviews drive people away from visiting them. But if a site has no reviews, people usually navigate away from them and look for a different place to buy from, to an online pharmacy site with decent user testimonials. Reviews 2018

New user reviews can no longer be made from as its site has already been closed for years. Its old webpage no longer exists and its domain name has now become a redirect site for a different online pharmacy. We managed to access the old website of through the web archives as it’s the only source on the internet that stores old website data. Coupon Codes

Free ED Sample Pills from Generics-from-india-online
Free ED Sample Pills from

The only way that the customers of were able to get the free sample pills offered by its site was through ordering 60 ED pills or 60 generic Propecia (finasteride) pills. After meeting this requirement, only then did the option of selecting their bonus freebies of four (4) Viagra pills or two (2) Cialis pills appear on the checkout page.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy whose products were all imported from pharmaceutical companies in India. Its products were made up of quality and reasonably priced generic meds which had the same effects as the branded drugs. But somewhere in 2015, its website just vanished and it became a redirect site for a different online pharmacy. For reliable online pharmacies and medicine sources, customers should check our top list of recommended providers.

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