Half-price-pharmacy.com Review - An Internet Drugstore That Was Too-Good-To-Be-True

Half-price-pharmacy.com Review – An Internet Drugstore That Was Too-Good-To-Be-True

Half-price-pharmacy.com was an internet pharmacy that didn’t just offer medicines for half the price, in fact, they offer it at a much lower price (at 60% off with the same bonus on next orders). This internet drugstore offered generic medications that were from India and according to their page, they claimed to partner only with US FDA approved pharmaceutical companies and WHO-accredited companies. We are unable to find its operation date but this e-store operated from the US and Canada. Their provided address was in Unit #103, 40560 – 56th Avenue Langley, BC, Canada/US.

The offered medicines of Half-price-pharmacy were a combination of over the counter and prescription medicines. They offered erectile dysfunction drugs and pain relief medications as well as antidepressants. On their saved web page, it showed that they offered generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis along with branded Viagra and branded Cialis. A generic Viagra costs $1.70 yet orders of at least 180 pills and you can get it for $1.05 per pill. As for their generic Cialis, the regular price is $3.30 yet if you will order at least 100 pills, the price can be reduced to $1.89 per pill.

According to their FAQ page, half-price-pharmacy.com was able to offer their products at a very low price because these were mostly generic medicine. They said these generic medicines were based on the FDA-approved branded medicines hence they have the same strength and effect. During their run, they also had a health blog that provided information about the medicines they offer, health news, and articles about health in general. Aside from offering low-cost medicines, they also had doctors on standby in case their customers had to ask questions about their condition or the medicine they need. Web consultation was offered for free.

For their bestsellers, we found the popular erectile dysfunction brands (generic Viagra and Cialis) and its branded counterparts. We also found brands like Viagra Soft Pills and Kamagra, Eriacta, Malegra, Suhagra, Tadacip, and Priligy. Other medicines under their bestseller list included generic Prozac, generic Zoloft, generic Effexor, generic Celebrex, generic Imitrex, generic Cymbalta, generic Zoloft, and generic Fluoxetine.

For their customer’s peace of mind, they used SiteLock Secure System that keeps all information private and secure. This includes credit card information used during purchase. Email addresses and phone numbers are also secured by this system. What we liked about this website was the satisfaction guarantee they offered to their customers. It means that customers who were not happy with the service they received can request for a full refund.

For their contact information, the numbers to dial to reach a customer support representative from Half-price-pharmacy.com was 1-866-417-8358. They also had a contact us page for customers who cannot make an international call. We are unable to verify if these numbers were open 24/7.

For orders, this American-based online pharmacy offered to deliver orders thru Registered Airmail only with a delivery time of up to 22 days. Half-price pharmacy said that it was the most discreet way of sending an international package. They offered to ship worldwide with some countries an exception.

Half-price-pharmacy.com Reviews

Luckily, there is one available review for half-price-pharmacy.com that is accessible online. We found this shared review by Bob and her was what he had to say about their service.

Half-price-pharmacy.com Reviews

In his review, Bob said that he was asked by half-price-pharmacy.com to share his experience. He had been using half-price-pharmacy for the last three years and said that he was happy with the service. He added that he was able to save because the medicines offered were cheaper. The only downside was that he had to wait long for the delivery. For its pros as an online pharmacy, Bob gave this e-dispensary a five-star rating.

The shared experience of Bob was the only customer review we found for this e-store. Since it was a positive one and was shared on a third-party platform, we are inclined to believe its reliability. We just hoped that there were more reviews for this web store.

Half-price-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

Half-price-pharmacy stopped its operation before 2018 hence we believe that they no longer have newer reviews.

Half-price-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are used by internet sellers and web stores to attract customers. It is one of the most effective marketing styles that online business owners are using. After searching the net, we are unable to find coupon codes that half-price-pharmacy.com had used during their operation. What they had were promotions and perks.


Half-price-pharmacy.com Offers

In terms of promotions and perks, Half Price Pharmacy had offered promotions such as free global shipping and an additional 10% off to returning customers. If it is your second or third time to order, then you will automatically have a 10% saving on your prescription refill.


Half-price-pharmacy.com offered delivering quality medicines on their customers’ doorsteps. They also promised to deliver free of charge globally and to process refunds without questions asked. According to their page, their website was protected by an encryption system to ensure every customer’s privacy and protection. This web store also offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee. For being too-good-to-be-true, we are also having our own hesitations as we wonder how they will have a return of investment if they were almost giving away their products during their run?

Although it was based in the US, half-price-pharmacy was one of the online pharmacies we found that was available in different languages. The currency on display was changeable as well from US dollars to Euro or British Pound and to Canadian dollars.

One of the promises of this e-dispensary that we find questionable was the 60% discount for returning customers. How can a store earn and survive if they were slashing more than half of the price of their products?

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