Review – An Affiliate Marketing Site Seized by the Government Review – An Affiliate Marketing Site Seized by the Government was an affiliate marketing website or a website that’s part of a network of online pharmacies working for one bigger company. This online drugstore is now a seized store, and I can confirm this because the shop doesn’t anymore exist and in its place is a warning stating that the website was seized as a result of the project TransAtlantic, which was a collaborative effort between the US government and Europol that aims to eradicate counterfeit product sellers on the web.

Being a consumer myself, I commend the government for its efforts in making the web a safer place for consumers like me. However, I know that although it’s with good intentions that the US government has closed down a number of stores, some stores are unjustly brought down. Now, this isn’t me saying that I Mens Meds was a righteous store – this is just me saying that there is a slight chance that the government is eradicating small business owners in favor of the massive pharmaceutical companies hounding their backs. I’ve seen good, reliable stores shut down in the past and I think there’s something going on between the big companies and the government and that’s affecting benign online pharmacy owners.

The products found on I Mens Meds was much like any other online pharmacy’s – the store offered plenty of generic medicine options for a wide array of medical conditions. However, as expected, the shop had the generic impotence treatments on center stage and the shop offered low prices for these medicines, in fact, even lower compared to their local drugstore counterparts.

Besides impotence medicines, the store has also offered products for fertility, birth control, gastric diseases, mental health, and several others. According to I Mens Meds, some of its products (the Rx medicines) require a prescription, so buyers had to be prepared with their accompanying Rx before ordering their stuff on I Mens Meds.

Payments accepted by I Mens Meds included credit cards. As for shipping, since some of I Mens Meds’ sections are inaccessible, I was unable to discover how much the store has charged its former clients.

I Mens Meds did not have reviews on the web so I am left in the dark when it comes to its reliability. Reviews

Reviews for I Mens Meds were available, but the shop only had on-site reviews instead of third-party customer comments. Although good to read, on-site testimonials are quite biased in some ways and are hard to verify since most of them do not have dates, ratings, and sometimes, even names of the customers.

I Mens Meds Reviews (On-Site Testimonials)
I Mens Meds Reviews (On-Site Testimonials)

The on-site testimonials available on I Mens Meds website were positive and most of them were from customers who confirmed that they have received their orders from the web pharmacy. According to Santos, Mike, and R Hinds, they were able to receive the medicines from I Mens Meds.

Apart from the reviews above, the store had even more customer comments from alleged buyers who were able to have a wonderful experience with I Mens Meds and its products. Some comments even mentioned the buyers’ intent to reorder from the pharmacy given their excellent prior experience. However, as I’ve said, on-site testimonials are not truly honest and most are biased towards the shop they are found in. Reviews 2018

I Mens Meds did not have 2018 reviews since the shop has closed down years ago. However, despite this being the case, the store still had online information from other sources, like for instance, domain checking platforms like the one I’ve used, Here is the domain analysis result for the I Mens Meds store:

I Mens Meds 2018 Review Result
I Mens Meds 2018 Review Result

According to the overall report for I Mens Meds, the store only scored 0% out of the possible 100 points and it’s because of several discrepancies identified on the I Mens Meds site. For one, I Mens Meds did not have its own SSL certificate, which was actually something not ideal for online pharmacies since an SSL certificate guarantees the buyers safety while shopping at any online platform. I Mens Meds did not also have existing trust records and overall did not have plenty of visitors. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are only some of the marketing ploys of online pharmacies to help round up their clients, since buyers are more attracted to online shops if they have discounts in place, like coupon codes and other forms of discounts.

I Mens Meds Website Offers
I Mens Meds Website Offers

In the case of I Mens Meds though, the shop did not have discount codes available. However, the store offers conditional offers like free sample pills and 5 to 8% discounts for reorders. When the buyers are able to satisfy the conditions of these offers, I Mens Meds issues the free pills and reorder discounts.


I Mens Meds was another government-seized store and similar to other seized online shops before it, the government did not have sufficient information to confirm that I Mens Meds was indeed a seller of counterfeit medications. However, I Mens Meds did not also have good reviews around, so it’s really hard to put a finger on this store’s reliability. I Mens Meds is now closed, so it’s good to look around and consider other online drugstores to use for your online medicine purchases.

Jamie Castro

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