Review – A Closed Asian Pharmacy Review – A Closed Asian Pharmacy is a drugstore that had a tagline claiming “Asia’s largest online pharmacy”. This means that the drugstore had its physical location in Asia. The pharmacy did not indicate when it was founded. However, my research showed the pharmacy had been operational for 13 years before it got closed. Since the store stopped functioning in 2017, this means that it had been established back in 2004.

The pharmacy offered both FDA approved medications and controlled substances. Some of the controlled substances I found included Valium and Xanax. The pharmacy had a fairly wide catalog. The meds on its catalog included antiacids, anti-inflammatory agents, cardiovascular agents, cholesterol reducers, contraceptives, hormones, muscle relaxants, erectile dysfunction pills, and others. To determine whether the pharmacy had affordable prices, I decided to check the price of the ED pills. The pharmacy appeared to have had only Kamagra in its erectile dysfunction medication category. A pill of this drug was being sold at a price of $2.2. I found this price to be fairly affordable.

The site was only accepting payments via Visa credit card. This is a safe way of paying for meds online since the buyer would have had the ability to dispute charges made to his card if failed to deliver. What I did not like is the fact that the drugstore was limiting its buyers to only using a single payment method. People who did not own a Visa credit card could not purchase meds from the pharmacy.

The drugstore was shipping its medications via two main methods. These included the Airmail shipping and ISP. Offshore Pharma was charging $7 for medications to be shipped via the airmail method and $25 for meds to be shipped via the ISP. I could not determine the amount of time either of these two shipping methods took before meds got delivered. The website captured on web archives was broken. The drugstore was available on various social media platforms. These included twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

To reach the customer service department, buyers could have used the drugstore live chat or used the contact page to send an email. The pharmacy did not have a phone number which is rather odd since most genuine online pharmacies usually make it easier for customers to reach out to them via phone calls. However, buyers could have used the fax number +009251 2822018 to send their prescription scripts. Reviews

Offshore Pharma did not have any testimonials either on its website or on third-party reviews collecting websites. This seemed rather odd to me. The pharmacy had been online for more than a decade. It was supposed to have some testimonials which could help buyers know whether it was offering high-quality services or not. Buying from a pharmacy without knowing whether it is trustworthy or not is not recommended. You might end up dealing with a fake online pharmacy without realizing what is happening.

Generally, most online pharmacies will have testimonials on their official websites. On the on-site testimonials, you will never locate even a single negative testimonial. These reviews are not trustworthy too. Remember, the pharmacy management has access to the reviews. This means that they can create fake testimonials to fool buyers and make them believe that they are dealing with a genuine pharmacy while in the real sense they are not. The only reviews that a buyer should trust are the ones which are available on a third-party reviews collecting website. These reviews are usually true since the pharmacy being reviewed does not have the ability to manipulate them. Reviews 2018

I had mentioned earlier on that Offshore Pharma disappeared from the internet back in 2017. This means that it did not have even a single testimonial written by buyers in the current year. What I did is that I used both Scam Adviser and to scan the drugstore domain address.

Scam Adviser could not determine whether the pharmacy website was actually located in Switzerland or in Pakistan. This means that purchasing meds from the pharmacy would have been risky. This is supported by the fact that the pharmacy only had a 48% safety rating. When buying medications, it is important to get them from a pharmacy that has a 100% safety rating. You wouldn’t want to entrust your money and health to an online drugstore with a less than average safety rating. did not favor either. The site did not have many visitors. Online pharmacies which sell medications and deliver the right drugs usually have a large number of customers who visit their websites regularly to refill prescriptions and make new orders. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes. However, the drugstore had some nice offers. I have captured them below:

Offshore-pharma Offers

Buyers were being offered 4 free erectile dysfunction pills. Also, the pharmacy was allowing their buyers free package delivery insurance. For buyers who returned to order again, a 10% discount was being offered.


Offshore Pharma used the tagline indicating that it was the biggest online pharmacy in Asia as a marketing stunt. The drugstore was not the biggest online pharmacy. had fair prices and a wide catalog. However, for some unknown reason, the pharmacy did not have buyers. If buyers were available, the pharmacy could have had reviews and it would be still online. I did not like the fact that buyers were forced to pay using only VISA. Buyers who did not own a Visa card couldn’t order meds.

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