Review - A Pharmacy that Delivers Only in the EU Review – A Pharmacy that Delivers Only in the EU is another online pharmacy that claims to be great and deserves your patronage. However, is this true? How safe are you if you patronize this online drugstore? What is the information you need to know prior to making a decision to give this pharmacy a try? Well, don’t worry, I have done an extensive research about this vendor, you are certain to have all your inquisitions satisfied.

Apparently, this pharmacy is located in the UK. The year they started operating has not been disclosed, but it appears it’s not been too long. They sell a number of meds classified into 6 major categories. Sexual Health, Hair Loss, Lifestyle, Travel Health, Hair Loss, and Painkillers. Drugs are bought on this platform in 3 easy steps; find the treatment you need, complete consultation, doctor reviews consultation, and free next day delivery. This is how they have put the steps to buy a med on their website. In the sexual health category, I clicked on erectile dysfunction to see what ED drugs this vendor offers and at what price. It appears they sell only branded drugs. It is good an online consultation with a licensed UK doctor is part of the process of buying meds from this website as you would not have to worry about a doctor’s prescription. The price of 4 tabs of brand Viagra is $74.82, 4 tabs of brand Cialis is $99.33. Note that these prices are based on the exchange rate of Pounds to US Dollars as at the time of writing this article.

To make payments on this platform, I have discovered that you can make use of Mastercard, Visa, and Bank Transfer. Drugs ordered from this vendor are delivered by next-day tracked courier. It is totally free of charge. Note that they deliver only to EU countries. They do not deliver to Canada and the United States.

Furthermore, I checked their Contact Us page and found out that you can actually talk to their agent by filling out the form on the page. Her is an Image of the form below.

Onlinepharmacyinuk Contact Us Form

They have not provided a phone number and they do not have a live chat service.

As regards to the refund policy of this pharmacy, I gathered that they do not offer refunds or allow returns of prescription meds due to UK and EU laws. However, if you have any complaint you might yet contact them to make them aware. Reviews

Due to the importance of customer reviews in determining if a pharmacy could be trusted or not, I have decided to share a few reviews I found on a trusted external and independent website. While there were only three reviews of this pharmacy on the external website, I would be sharing two with you. That should be sufficient in determining the reputation they have built among customers over their years of operation. All of the 3 external reviews I found were good with customers giving this pharmacy a 5-star rating.

Onlinepharmacyinuk Customer Review

Samantha is the satisfied customer here. She gives this pharmacy a 5-star rating saying ” Trustworthy online service”. In her comment, she says the products are always the quality she expects and they arrive on time.

Onlinepharmacyinuk Customer Review
Onlinepharmacyinuk Customer Review

Gemma also sounds very happy. I fact, she tells us that she is a “happy customer”. She tells us how happy she is with this drugstore’s service. She attests to the trueness of the next day delivery offer of this pharmacy. She also tells us how the “packaging was very discreet”. She has this to say “I was glad”.

From these independent reviews. It is safe to say that this pharmacy is very reliable. Their drugs, shipping, and customer service are top-notch from what we read in these reviews. Reviews 2018

I also tried getting recent reviews about this pharmacy to determine if it is still holding its good reputation down giving customers great a great experience and making them happy. However, I encountered a problem trying to find any customer review that attests to the reputation of this pharmacy of late. I wonder why this is so. It could be as a result of low patronage or poor marketing. There is absolutely nothing that can point to the current performance of this online pharmacy. It is safe to say this pharmacy as not been too active in recent times. Because if it has, there should be recent reviews from customers. Coupon Codes

Onlinepharmacyinuk Free Delivery Offer

Checking for offers on this website. One of the very evident one on their website is the free next day delivery. It is perhaps the only generous offer from this pharmacy as drugs are priced really high.

With this offer customers of this vendor need not worry about delivery charges.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that sells branded meds. Its delivery is super fast. Delivering orders the next day. Most of all the delivery is free. Additionally, customers have no need to worry about prescriptions from their doctor. This pharmacy gives customers online consultations as they have UK licensed doctors on their team. One other strength this pharmacy has is a good reputation. All the independent customer review I found about it were positive. Depicting that they utterly satisfy customers. However, the problem is the lack of recent reviews and the high prices of their drugs. Their drugs are high priced and may prove to be unaffordable for some who earn low incomes. The lack of recent reviews has also left us in the dark as to whether they have maintained satisfying their customers over the years.

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