Review – A Pharmacy with a Low Likelihood of Being Safe Review – A Pharmacy with a Low Likelihood of Being Safe is a web pharmacy that appears to most likely have its physical location in Europe. I determined this after noticing that the pharmacy default currency is the Euro. The drugstore did not indicate when it was founded. This is something I found to be rather odd about the online drugstore. Any high-quality I find online is usually not hiding its establishment date. This date plays a key role in helping a buyer determine the online pharmacies which have a very high likelihood of being rogue. Newer pharmacies always tend to be untrustworthy.

The drugstore does not have a large number of products to offer. Its drugs are arranged by the exact name of the drug instead of categories with names of diseases the drugs could be used to treat. This can be hard for people who know the health complication they want to treat but do not know the medication name. Some of the meds I managed to decipher their use include Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra which are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The most advertised medication on is the Roaccutane. This is a medication used in the treatment of acne.

To determine how affordable is, I had to check the price of the ED pills the pharmacy sells. A pill of Cialis is being sold at a price of 18.70 dollars while generic Viagra 100mg is worth $23.35 per pill. Levitra is worth $17.63 per pill. The drugstore appears to be selling brand medications for treating erectile dysfunction. The price offered by Online Pharma Shop is expensive. This price is out of range for the majority of people who are operating on a budget.

The shipping charges depend on the money a buyer is spending on the meds. If a buyer purchases meds worth less than $78.39, he is supposed to pay $27.5 for the shipping. Medications worth between $78.39 and $156.78 cost the buyer $19.6 for shipping. Medications worth between $156.78 and $235 cost the buyer $11.77 in shipping charges. Medications which cost the buyer between $235 and $313.56 have a shipping charge of $7.84. Medications worth more than $313.56 are shipped for free.

When buying medications, if a buyer paid using e-check, bank wire transfer or western union, claimed that it may take a little bit longer before the payment got cleared. Generally, shipping is done within a period of 48 hours since the time a buyer had placed his or her order. The method of shipping Online Pharma Shop utilizes is the DHL Worldwide Express. This method of shipping has a tracking number and hence the buyer can see the shipping progress of his pills.

The only time Online Pharma Shop accepts returns is if they shipped products which are out their shelf-life. In such a case, buyers can send their medications back and get a refund. The drugstore is not clear on whether it replaces lost packages. Cancellations of orders are only allowed if the ordered products have not been shipped yet. Reviews

After doing a search online, I managed to come up with a single third-party review for The review is positive. I have captured the review below:

Onlinepharmashop Review

The above reviewer who calls himself China reported that he is a customer from the United Kingdom. He had been using Online Pharma Shop for quite a while. The site was always useful to him. He has never had any issues which the products he had purchased from the drugstore. The only issue he had with the pharmacy was a shipping issue that had happened over Christmas. The reviewer stated the delay to make sure that people understood he was a real reviewer. The pharmacy customer support agent is great according to China. They responded to his queries via the email within a few hours. He is a happy customer since the drugstore never let him down. They offer the buyer an alternative if the need arises.

One review is not enough to determine whether a pharmacy is great or it offers mediocre drugs and services. A pharmacy can even pay someone to create a review on an external website. The best pharmacies have numerous testimonials on third-party reviews sites. Reviews 2018

The above 2017 review is the only most recent testimonials I managed to find. I decided to determine popularity in 2018 by checking its web address on scam adviser. Here are the results I found:

Onlinepharmashop Scam Adviser

According to the above information, the pharmacy has a safety rating of 41%. This means that the pharmacy has a higher risk rate than it can be considered as being safe. Although created the illusion of having its location in the EU region by using Euros as the default currency, the pharmacy appears to have its location in either the US or the Russian Federation. Coupon Codes

Apart from the free shipping buyers get when they purchase medications worth $313+, Online Pharma Shop has no coupon codes or other offers. This is quite discouraging considering the drugstore has higher than average prices when compared to the other drug stores which offer medications online. I was expecting some pills offers or maybe discounts for return clients.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that has an average trustworthiness. The drugstore has a nice testimonial. However, a single testimonial is not enough to determine whether a pharmacy is safe or not. The pharmacy prices are higher than the average price people who are on a budget can manage to pay. lacks a wide catalog. This means that it only caters to the needs of a limited number of people only.

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