Otc-med-pharm.com Review - A Pharmacy that is No Longer in Operation

Otc-med-pharm.com Review – A Pharmacy that is No Longer in Operation

Otc-med-pharm.com is another internet drugstore whose website has been suspended by the government without any valid reason being given for this act. It is possible that the move was initiated by big pharmaceutical companies who see the small pharmacies that sell generic medications as a threat to their survival in the business world.

I checked the web archives from the wayback machine to try and get some info about the operations of otc-med-pharm.com and discovered that the earliest capture was in 2013 which could be the year it was established. The location had not been specified but there was an indication that all orders were shipped from India. All the medications that were stocked were generics that had been approved by the Indian FDA.

The medications stocked were classified into a number of categories based on the health issue that they were used to treat so that customers would have an easier time when placing their orders. Some of the classifications included Alcoholism, Anti-Inflammatory, Antifungal, Antiparasitic, Arthritis, Birth Control, Gastrointestinal Tract, Erectile Dysfunction, Eye Care, Hypertension, Men’s Health, Mental disorders, cholesterol, Neurological Disorders, Women’s Health, Stop Smoking, Respiratory Tract, Muscle Relaxants, Hypertension, Skin Care, and Urinary Tract, among others. Some of the medications in these categories required a prescription before the orders were processed which would be sent via fax.

The bestsellers had also been listed where customers will easily find them and I noted that most of them were generic medications which included Viagra which was sold at $0.76 per pill, Cialis which cost $1.18 per pill, Diflucan, Amoxil, Cialis Super Force, Kamagra, Levitra, Female Cialis, Priligy, Propecia, Zithromax, and Levitra Oral Jelly.

The payment methods that customers would use to pay for their medications were American Express, Bitcoin, eCheck for the residents of the United States, MasterCard, and Visa. Customers were not allowed to cancel their orders once the payment was made and was, therefore, required to only order for what they were sure about.

Shipping of orders from otc-med-pharm.com was done to all countries worldwide except a few Asian countries. The shipping methods used included Express International Mail where the medications would be handed over to the customer in 9 days and the charges were $29.95 or the Standard International Mail where the delivery would be made in a maximum of 21 days and the charges were $9.95. The delivery could have taken longer as a result of circumstances that were beyond the control of otc-med-pharm.com such as customs regulations.

The information regarding what would happen if the package is lost or damaged during the shipping has not been specified. The return of medications, once they have been delivered, was not allowed as otc-med-pharm.com claimed that the condition in which the medications would be shipped did not guarantee the safety of the drugs.

To talk to otc-med-pharm.com, customers were allowed to call the support team using the numbers +1 (646) 205-2937, +1 (866) 417-5821 for the residents of the United States, or +44 (203) 011-0298 for the residents of the United Kingdom. There was also a contact form that customers would use to send a message to the customers’ support team and a response would be sent via the email address that a customer would submit when sending the message. A live chat was also available and customers would be able to get an immediate answer to any concern.

Otc-med-pharm.com Reviews

I found one review from a customer who says that otc-med-pharm.com was a total rip off. Dave says that he placed an order and was promised that it will be delivered in 10 days. One month later, his order was yet to be delivered and the excuse given that it could be held up at the customs offices. His advice to those seeking for an online source of medications was that they avoid buying from otc-med-pharm.com.

Otc-med-pharm.com Review

I found other reviews on the official website which were positive. The customers were appreciating that their orders were delivered quite fast and that the pills worked very well in treating their health issues.

Paul was appreciating otc-med-pharm.com for the delivery of the products ordered from them.

Carmel was another customer who was appreciating otc-med-pharm.com for the quick help that was offered to him when he needed it.

KW wrote the review after using the products delivered and he said that they were very effective and he did not suffer from any side effects from their use.

Carl Triper appreciated the email that was sent to him from otc-med-pharm.com though he did not specify its content. He adds that the pills purchased from them worked beyond his expectation.

Otc-med-pharm.com Reviews

Though there is one complaint on the website that collects reviews on the online pharmacies, it will be hard to tell if on-site reviews owned by the shop have been fabricated. As a result, it would be hard to make a conclusion about the operations of otc-med-pharm.com based on the reviews that we found on their website.

Otc-med-pharm.com Reviews 2018

Since otc-med-pharm.com is no longer operational, it is impossible to find any current reviews. The information that can still be accessed was posted as a point of reference for the customers who used to purchase from them and would not be considered as reviews.

Otc-med-pharm.com Coupon Codes

Customers who used to buy from otc-med-pharm.com used to get a number of discounts on their purchases. For the second order customers were given a 5% discount, a 6% discount on the 3rd order, a 7% discount on the 4th order and 8% discount on the 5th order. This means that the more a customer shopped from otc-med-pharm.com, the higher the discount that was applied to his order.

Otc-med-pharm.com Discounts

Customers who purchase more than 60 generic Priligy, Propecia or any other erectile dysfunction medication will get bonus pills of either 4 Viagra pills or 2 Cialis pills.

Free Sample Pills Offer
Free Sample Pills Offer


Otc-med-pharm.com pharmacy had its website suspended by the government without a valid reason. The services that the customers used to get from them were not satisfactory as there is a customer who is complaining that he paid to have his medications shipped via the express mail and a month later, no delivery had been made. Customers who used to shop from them have to look for another online pharmacy to buy medications from. If you need help on making a choice of the right online pharmacy, you can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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