Pills-andhealth.net Review – Helped Customers with Saving Money

Pills-andhealth.net Review – Helped Customers with Saving Money

Pills and Health was an online pharmacy that provided many customers a way of saving money by offering analogs of the costly medicine brands which were sold at the local pharmacies. Everyone knows that branded drugs are expensive and it’s one of the struggles that the customers constantly face when purchasing their meds locally. Because of this, many people were unable to get their needed amount of pills for their conditions, depriving them of full treatment. On top of the high drug costs that local pharmacies offer, they also require their clients to provide valid prescriptions before they are allowed to purchase prescription drugs. But prescriptions were not easy to obtain as the doctor appointments were also costly. In doctor consultations and appointments, customers were obliged to pay expensive professional fees to the doctors especially if they don’t have medical insurance to cover for the fees. So to make life easier for the customers, Pills and Health sold their medicines at very affordable prices plus they no longer required their customers to provide scripts.

If compared to the costs of medications which can be found at the local drugstores, the prices of meds at Pills and Health were up to 90% cheaper. Because of these affordable price offers, people were able to save a large portion of their money and save it for their other needs. Customers were also able to purchase sufficient amounts of the medicines that they need for their future use, something that they weren’t able to do before at local pharmacies. And since prescriptions were not required by Pills and Health from their clients, the customers were able to purchase their meds hassle-free as they no longer needed to fax or send anything to its site just to be allowed to purchase the medicines that they need. By skipping the prescription requirement, Pills and Health were also able to help its customers save great amounts of time and money, allowing them to enjoy life more.

The assortment of pharmaceutical products which were sold by Pills and Health was also wide-ranging, covering most of the medicine categories that people needed. It sold quality and cheap medicines falling under categories such as anti-anxiety drugs, weight loss products, antibiotics, allergy drugs, smoking cessation meds, birth control pills, diuretics, antifungals, cancer treatment drugs, sleeping aids, pain relief, anticonvulsants, eye care, cardiovascular disease treatment meds, and many more. It even sold products for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction (ED), products that were very popular among males. Many people preferred buying their meds at Pills and Health not only because of its low medicine prices and prescription-less purchase but also because of the convenience that they had in ordering from its site. Unlike visiting local pharmacies where lines were long and drugs were costly, they were able to order their needed drugs at Pills and Health within just a few minutes and only spending a fraction of their money. Customers were also able to order their meds from Pills and Health regardless of wherever they are, from home, or work, or play—they only needed to visit its site and start ordering.

Sadly, Pills and Health no longer exists as an online pharmacy. Its existence was also short-lived—it started out its operations back in 2016 and after just one year, its site has already closed down. No one knows why Pills and Health just stopped selling medicines online as the site left no notice or announcement before disappearing for good. Many of its clients were shocked by this event but there was nothing more that can be done but to look for a different online pharmacy to buy meds from.

Pills-andhealth.net Reviews

It appears that third-party user reviews for Pills and Health no longer exist due to the length of time that the site was already closed. These reviews are the ones that the customers should read since these reviews provide a transparent view of a website, showing both the bad and the good. On-site testimonials are still OK but these reviews are not guaranteed to be genuine as these might have already been edited by the administrators for the benefit of their site. But since there are no other reviews for Pills and Health apart from the ones which are on its testimonials page, we have literally no other option but to check them out and see what its customers have to say.

Pills-andhealth.net User Reviews

Mario, a customer of Pills and Health, praises the service that was given to him by the customer service team of the site. Although he made no mention of the particular concern that he had, it appears that it has been solved to his satisfaction.

On behalf of her husband, Charlize gave a review for Pills and Health saying that her husband was amazed by the prices of its products. She bought her husband a pack of Viagra pills and she was also delighted with the savings that she got.

Due to the recommendations of his friends, Jules, 39, was able to know about the site of Pills and Health. He mentioned i9n his review that without the recommendations of his friend, he never would have purchased due to fears of getting scammed. But he was happy that he listened to his friends because he has received his orders.

Pills-andhealth.net Reviews 2018

There will no longer be any new reviews for Pills and Health since its site is already closed. Accessing its domain name will only give the users a blank page, meaning that its IP address has already been disabled. The remaining information about its site can only be found on the web archives.

Pills-andhealth.net Coupon Codes

Pills-andhealth.net Free Shipping

Customers who have ordered medicines with an amount of over $200 USD from its site had their orders shipped free of any shipping charges. This was additional savings on their customers since international shipping charges were also somewhere around $15 to $20 USD.


Pills and Health was an online pharmacy that helped its customers save big by offering generic analogs to the costly medicine brands at the local pharmacies. It’s just unfortunate that its site is already closed and it no longer exists as an online pharmacy. But for other reliable sources of medicines online, customers can check our list of top recommended providers.

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