Privacy Policy

This website operates according to the Privacy Policy terms we will outline below. Be sure to go through them. By continuing to use this site, it means that you have agreed to the Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Data

Unless our readers submit a comment or a review, we do not collect any personal data. If a user is commenting on our website, he or she may be requested to provide personal information such as the email address and the name. When you submit a review or leave a comment, you agree to this policy.

The Collection of Non-Personal Information

We do collect, store and analyze the information the browsers provide to us when readers visit our website. The data collected can include but is not limited to IP (Internet Protocol) address, your operating system, the pages you visited, the browser information, the time you spent on our website, and any other statistical data. We use this data to improve the quality of the services which we offer. It will help us make it easier for our different users to find relevant information easily. We do respect the privacy of all our readers. We, therefore, never share any of their data with third-parties.


Cookies are some little files that websites store on the browser you are using to browse the web. These files help improve the browsing experience. For example, if a website does have a popup that requires you to enter your email address, it will be able to remember that it already displayed the popup before. This prevents website behavior which could be annoying to you. Also, websites do use cookies to remember some details such as the fact that you had logged into your account before. This prevents having to log in again which can be tedious.

Cookies are also used by advertising programs. They will help the advertisement programs display advertisements which will be relevant to you. For example, a cookie can check your location. This will help an ad server such as Google display ads which are relevant to your location. While cookies will access information on your computer, they will never access personal information such as your bank details, credit card numbers, phone numbers, your physical location, etc.

It is possible to turn off the cookies on your browser. However, this is not recommended. It can make the experience that you have on websites bad. Some content may be unavailable on different websites. It is possible to delete cookies on your browser. However, this does not automatically mean that you are exempted from getting cookies in the future. When you start browsing again, cookies will be stored on your computer.

Privacy Policy Change

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. This can happen without you being alerted. It is your duty to check this page to make sure that we have not updated it since the last time you visited it. The current Privacy Policy will be applicable even if you haven’t seen it yet.

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