Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Review - A Drugstore that does not Require a Prescription

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Review – A Drugstore that does not Require a Prescription

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com is an affiliate marketing website that appears to be operated from the United States. However, I have discovered that their drugs come from India. This is probably the reason why you require no prescription to buy drugs from this website. They claim to have been in operation for over 10 years claiming to deliver drugs to over 200 countries around the globe. I have seen mostly generics on this website with a few brand-name drugs. They sell drugs that treat Diabetes, Obesity, Antibiotics, Antifungals, Birth control, Erectile Dysfunction; among others. I have noticed the generic version of certain popular erectile dysfunction drugs displayed on their website. Among these popular drugs are Kamagra, Silagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. They sell Kamagra at $1.50 per pill, Silagra is sold at $1.40 per pill, generic Cialis is sold at $1.30 per pill, and generic Levitra is sold at $1.50 per pill. These prices are quite reasonable. You might wonder whether the drugs they sell are FDA approved. I have discovered their drugs are Indian-FDA. This makes sense since they come from India.

Making payments for orders made on this website can be done by two payment methods; Mastercard and Visa. The shipping methods this vendor uses to deliver orders are Trackable Courier Service and International Unregistered Mail. The former costs $30 and takes 7 to 10 days after dispatch, while the latter costs $10 and takes 10 to 21 days after dispatch.

To contact the customer support team of this vendor you can easily make use of their live chat service. I tried the service out and I was attended to abruptly. Here are the screenshots of my conversation with one of their agents.

Chatting with Qualitydrugstoreshop
Chatting with Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Agent

You could also contact them by phone on these numbers; US toll-free +18005324808 and European customers of their UK line.+442002227084.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Live Chat

This pharmacy would either refund your money or reship your order if your package fails to arrive within 10 to 17 days. To get a refund or reshipment contact their support team. They have also stated that you could return goods if you are not satisfied. In the case of being unsatisfied, you would have to call their support team for the return address to send a package back to.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Reviews

Owing to the fact that I desire to ascertain the quality of the service this vendor has provided its customers, I decided to search for feedbacks from customers regarding their experience. While I was unable to find feedbacks on external websites, I found feedbacks on their website which were quite many. I’m going to share some with you. But before then, I would like to tell you not to trust these feedbacks completely as they are on-site testimonials which this vendor has access to. So, we can never tell the trueness of the feedbacks.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Testimonial

Mark is the reviewer here. He has great things to say regarding his experience shopping his meds from this drugstore. He attests to speed of delivery and the efficacy of the med delivered to him. He says “pills work great”.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Testimonial

Mike also shared his experience shopping for his meds from Quallitydrugsstoreshop.com. He also attests to a prompt delivery. He has this to say; “very impressed”.

These testimonials are positive just like all the other testimonials I saw on the testimonial section on their website. While these testimonials imply the services of this vendor are good, one cannot fully depend on the on-site testimonials to make an accurate judgment. Left to me, I would say an online pharmacy with positive testimonials for a trusted external source is a safer option.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Reviews 2018

It is also important to consider customer reviews with a recent date. These recent reviews shed light on how this vendor is performing recently in relation to the satisfaction of customers. If recent reviews are positive we would know that customers have been satisfied and thus a high likelihood of you being satisfied. Otherwise, you might have to try another pharmacy for the sake of your safety.

Therefore, I went in search of recent customer reviews of this vendor but found none. I even checked to see if I would get some given in 2017 which is at least still fairly new, but I found nothing either. The fact that the customer reviews on this vendor’s website have no date has also not helped matters. This implies we are blindsided regarding the current reputation of this pharmacy. And we can’t say for sure what its current reputation is like among customers.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Coupon Codes

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Free Shipping

Giving discounts and freebies is a way that top-notch pharmacies show that they appreciate their customers’ patronage. So, I checked if there are any discounts offered by this pharmacy and I found these.

This screenshot reveals that you would get a free shipping via Standard Airmail Service on orders over $150.

Discounts by Qualitydrugstoreshop.com
Discounts by Qualitydrugstoreshop.com

On the other hand, this 2nd screenshot tells us that customers get 5% discount on second order and a guaranteed 7% discount on the 3rd and further orders.


Qualitydrugstoreshop.com is a drugstore that makes it easy to purchase meds as a doctor’s prescription is not required since most of its meds are generics. The prices are also low since the drugs are from India. They also have offers that are attractive for customers to benefit from. Additionally, they have a great live chat service. The problem I have with this website, however, is the lack of trustable customer reviews. One cannot fully trust the reviews displayed on their website. So, how can we be certain that it is indeed safe to try this pharmacy out? I would rather advise a pharmacy with positive trustable customer reviews.

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