Review – Could’ve Been a Good Place for Purchasing Meds Review – Could’ve Been a Good Place for Purchasing Meds was an online pharmacy whose products were all generic medicines. As what its domain name have said, its products were safe as all of them have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Safe Meds Deal guaranteed its customers quality products since its site only sourced their meds from renown pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers around the world. Their suppliers were companies that had the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which meant that their medicine sources were checked and inspected by the World Health Organization for adherence to international standards.

But on top of the medicine safety qualifications that Safe Meds Deal had, it was best known by its customers for its affordable products. It sold drugs at prices which could be afforded by all and not just a small number of clients. The meds at Safe Meds Deal were cheaper by 90% compared to the medications which were sold at the local pharmacies. This was because generic meds were normally cheaper than branded medicines. But generic meds had the same active ingredients as the costly drugs which made them similarly effective. Safe Meds Deal knew of this and to help many customers, it has labored to have a wide assortment of generics to cover for the drug needs of many.

Its most popular products were the medicines for treating the condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED meds were known to be expensive drugs as their prices range from $70 to $90 USD per pill at the local pharmacies. The brands of these ED pills were known as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. But Safe Meds Deal had generic versions of these drugs which had very low prices, more than 95% cheaper than the prices that local stores had. For example, its Viagra pills only had a price of $0.75 USD each, a price that everyone can afford.

And on top of these affordable prices, Safe Meds Deal didn’t require its customers to provide any prescriptions for these drugs. Back then, its customers simply selected the meds that they needed and proceeded to the checkout page for payments. Prescriptions were a tough requirement that many people were unable to provide due to the expensive professional fees that they had to pay their doctors just to obtain them. By excluding prescriptions as a requirement for purchasing meds, Safe Meds Deal was able to help its customers save money and great amounts of time as well. No longer did their customers send any scripts though fax or through email. Shoppers at Safe Meds Deal were able to purchase their meds right away without any hassles.

Other than their famous generic ED pills, Safe Meds Deal also sold a lot of other medicines which were classed under categories such as antibiotics, sleeping aids, pain relief meds, skin care products, antidepressants, cancer meds, blood pressure drugs, diabetes treatment meds and many more. All the products that they sold under these categories were generic meds which helped many of their customers get the exact same effects that the branded drugs gave without having to spend large amounts of money.

For some reasons, Safe Meds Deal has closed down somewhere around year 2017. The site left no notice or anything that explained its disappearance from the web to the dismay of its customers. Up to this day, no one really knows why Safe Meds Deal just terminated its operations and ceased from being an online pharmacy. A brief statement that explained its disappearance would’ve been sufficient but it seems that the administrators of its site no longer considered this necessary. Reviews

Since onsite reviews were susceptible to the manipulation of site administrators, we chose to browse the web to look for reliable user review concerning Safe Meds Deal. Fortunately, we found one on a pharmacy forums website where a certain discussion thread talked about Safe Meds Deal and other similar topics. Although onsite reviews were still reviews, these reviews are not 100% genuine and were commonly used by websites to promote their own interests. So just to be safe and to stay on the neutral side of things, we have looked for a third-party review as a subject for review analysis.

Safe Meds Deal User Review
Safe Meds Deal User Review

A user with an online name of “yamsgus” was a senior member of this pharmacy forums website and what he comments about Safe Meds Deal was that it was that it had a site with fast response to its clients. He only placed a small order for the site to test it but he managed to receive his purchases within just a period of 2 weeks. With this, he was pleased with his experience with the site. He also shared that the payment option that he chose to use is his credit card. After just 6 hours, the customer service department of the site called in as a courtesy to confirm that the payment details have been received and the payments successfully went through. As for the appearance of the products that he has ordered, he says that they looked authentic but he hasn’t used the products yet for him to give a conclusion on whether the medicines worked or not. Reviews 2018

It’s already been a while since the site of Safe Meds Deal has closed down and this means that new user reviews will no longer be possible to be given for its site. The web archives are the only place where the past information about Safe Meds Deal could be accessed. Coupon Codes

Safe Meds Deal Special Offers
Safe Meds Deal Special Offers

Safe Meds Deal claimed to have medicine prices which were 10% cheaper than online pharmacies which was also its way of telling its customers to buy from its site. It also gave bonus additional pills to its clients with their orders, regardless of its total amount.


Safe Meds Deal could’ve been a good place to purchase meds if it has still existed. It offered a wide range of generic medicines at prices which were 90% cheaper than what the local drugstores had, giving its customers a good opportunity to save money. But since its site is no longer available, buyers should instead check our top list of recommended providers.

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