Review - Pharmacy with an Uncertain Reputation Review – Pharmacy with an Uncertain Reputation appears to be a Canadian online pharmacy that has been in operation since 2004. They sell an extensive list of drugs at very affordable prices. They sell drugs for pain relief, women’s health, hair loss, diabetes, depression, heart disease, asthma, sleeping aid, erectile dysfunction; among others. I noticed that a wide variety of erectile dysfunction drugs were displayed on the homepage of this pharmaceutical platform. The ones worthy of note include the brand Viagra, the brand Cialis and their generics including the generic of Levitra. A pill of the brand Viagra and the brand Cialis are sold for $2.66 and $3.66 respectively. That’s tremendously cheap I must say. The generics of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are sold for $0.32, $0.67, and $1.05 per pill. If you agree, these prices are truly tremendously cheap. I noticed a handful of pharmaceutical agency seals on their website which points to the fact that they uphold safe pharmaceutical regulations like selling FDA approved medications. Additionally, I checked the CIPA website for rogue pharmacies and it was not on the list. However, note that it appears this pharmacy’s drugs come from various locations.

Furthermore, payments on this website should not be a problem as there are a number of common payments accepted on this platform. You can pay with both Mastercard and Visa card on this platform. I have also found out that orders are shipped via two methods; Airmail and EMS Courier. Airmail costs $10 and takes between 2 to 3 weeks to deliver orders to respective shipping addresses. EMS courier, on the other hand, costs $20 and takes a lesser period of 3 to 8 business days to deliver orders. This pharmacy ships worldwide, but the EMS courier is not available in all countries. Once it does not show when you try checking out an order, then you know it is not available in your country.

In case you need to a refund for products bought on this website, I have checked for the refund policy of My findings reveal that this vendor does not accept a return of products. They claim that they do not accept the return of products as it would be contravening international rules. Nevertheless, you would get a free reshipment if products ordered arrive defected or the wrong product arrived. Also, if you are not satisfied with the product you received they have stated that you contact their support team to make this known. Since this Vendor does not have a live chat service, you can contact them via phone on +17602843222 or +442032863820. You can also contact this vendor’s support team by filling out the Contact Us form in the Contact Us section of their website. Here is an image of the form below.

Secure-canadian-pharmacy Contact Us Form Reviews

I have checked for what users of this vendor have to say about the quality of their services. Though I was unable to find user feedbacks on an external website that could be trusted a 100%, I found quite a number of customer reviews of this vendor in the testimonial section of the website. I would advise that you do not trust fully in these reviews since they are a part of the content on this website. I mean since they have access to it one can say for sure the true extent of authenticity. Below are two screenshots from the numerous reviews I saw on their website.

Secure-canadian-pharmacy Testimonial

Benjamin from Andorra appears to be happy with his experience buying meds from this vendor. From his comment, we can fathom that he bought ED meds from this pharmacy. And as he tells us they were very effective, he says “very happy”.

Secure-canadian-pharmacy Testimonial

Samuel from Spain is the reviewer here. He bought Cialis from this vendor and he commands them regarding the efficacy of the drug he received and their helpful customer support. In his utter happiness, he says “thank you” multiple times.

These reviews are great and they portray this vendor in a good light. Depicting them as reliable and trustworthy. But like I said the reviews cannot be trusted completely. I mean, there is no single bad review among the piles of testimonials on their website. This is not surprising, no online pharmacy would publish bad reviews. Similarly, the reviews could be engineered. Therefore, it is always better to opt for an online pharmacy that has positive customer reviews gotten from a trusted and independent source. Reviews 2018

I have found only a pile of reviews on the website of this vendor none from an independent source. I wish to share with you recent reviews in 2018 so you can determine how well this vendor is performing now. The constraint is that the reviews on this vendor’s website are without a date. So, it is impossible to say when the reviews were given by each customer. Coupon Codes

Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

Another thing I did not omit in my search for this pharmacy is discount offers. Going through this vendor’s website I found two offers worthy of note. Check the screenshots below.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

This screenshot implies that when you make orders above $200, you are entitled to a free shipping. Though the specific kind of shipping wasn’t specified but I believe it would be dependent on your location.

This offer gives customers free Viagra pills every time they make an order.

Conclusion has a lot appears to offer great prices for the medications they sell. This vendor also is also licensed by a reasonable number of pharmaceutical agencies which indicates legitimacy. In addition, they have great on-site customer reviews. However, weaknesses like lack of external reviews and all positive on-site reviews attract speculations as it implies the reputation of this vendor is uncertain.

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