Review – A Closed Pharmacy Site Claiming to Help Buyers Save Over 70% Review – A Closed Pharmacy Site Claiming to Help Buyers Save Over 70%

Secure Generic Pills is a pharmacy that had been operational since the year 2004. For reasons which are unknown to me, the pharmacy cannot be accessed anymore. From the website history captured on the web archives, the drugstore appeared to have been operational for approximately 12 years. The pharmacy did not indicate where it had its location. However, its website had a CIPA seal. This means that it had been approved by the Canadian International Pharmacist Association. Therefore, the most likely location from where was operating was Canada.

The pharmacy had a wide catalog. Some of the medications I found on the drugstore catalog include asthma meds, birth control pills, blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering meds, diabetes meds, erectile dysfunction, hair loss medication, heart disease, pain relief and others. The most popular medications on Secure Generic Pills were the erectile dysfunction pills. To determine whether the pharmacy was affordable, I decided to check the price of these pills. The pharmacy carried both brand and generic medications unlike what its name suggested. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $0.36. Generic Cialis was worth $0.76 a pill while generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.2. People who prefer using brand medications could have purchased brand Cialis and brand Viagra at a price of $4.18 and $3.8 per tablet respectively. was very affordable.

According to the logos available on the website, the pharmacy was shipping medications either via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or EMS. The cost of shipping differed depending on the delivery time. The EMS method which took a maximum of 3 to 8 business days cost its customers $20. The airmail method which took twice the number of days EMS took to deliver medications cost half the cost of EMS. Buyers were supposed to pay $10 for the airmail and then have to wait for approximately 2 to 3 weeks before medications got delivered.

After medications had been shipped and reached the customer, was not accepting returns. The pharmacy however offered to resend the buyer his or her order for free in case it arrived while defective or an incorrect order got delivered by mistake. To pay for their medications at, buyers were supposed to use either an E-Check or a credit card. The pharmacy only accepted two credit cards which were American Express and Visa. Paying with credit cards could have been safer since disputing charges made to the card was possible if Secure Generic Pills failed to deliver the ordered pills. did not have an online chat feature. However, the pharmacy had phone numbers for their customers who resided in the United States and the EU region. The numbers buyers could have used included +1 760 284 3222 (US) and +4420 3286 3820 (EU). The drugstore “contact us” page allowed buyers to send the pharmacy an email directly from the web form integrated on the page. Reviews

I managed to locate a large number of positive reviews on the official Secure Generic Pills website. I have captured them below:

Securegenericpills Reviews

Samuel from Spain reported that the Cialis samples he had ordered from Secure Generic Pills had been delivered. The medications worked fine after trying them out. He was requesting to send his remaining pills. He reported that the customer support department was great.

At first, Jackson from Italy thought that he was being scammed when his medications failed to arrive on time. However, the medications did arrive. He realized that the postal service had actually caused the delay and not Secure Generic Pills.

The above reviews may have been not real. They could have been copied from somewhere else or created by the pharmacy management in order to entice customers. The drugstore appeared to have been not truthful to all its customers about the CIPA approval:

Securegenericpills CIPA Approval

There is always a high likelihood of onsite testimonials being fake. The best reviews to trust should be on third-party sites. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any testimonials written in 2018. Decided to check the drugstore domain address using various domain scanning programs. I used both LegitScript and Scam Adviser. Both domain scanning programs had a very low rating for with LegitScript calling the pharmacy rogue. Also, Scam Adviser indicated that was rogue and gave it a 33% safety rating. I found reviews written in 2017 for I have captured them below:

Securegenericpills Testimonials

Lea reported that Secure Generic Pills was a big no. After ordering, the drugstore never delivered medications. Calvin indicated that was a rip off site. Getting the drugstore on the phone was not possible. Coupon Codes

Securegenericpills Offers

Secure Generic Pills did not have any coupon codes. However, the pharmacy website had some nice offers. I have captured them below:

When a buyer purchased medications on the drugstore, he or she was receiving some extra Viagra pills for free. Buyers who purchased meds worth more than $200 got free shipping for their medications.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that appears to have lost its customers after offering them constant low-quality services. The comments available on its site were positive but the evidence available shows that they could have been not real. The 2 proven reviews I found on an external website indicated that was a rip off site. The pharmacy, however, had low prices and a huge medication catalog.

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