Terms of Service

Throughout this Terms of Service documentation, rxsites.net will be referred to as the “Service”. Take your time to go through all terms of service outlined here. These apply to you as long as you are using this website.

Accepting the Terms

You accept the terms of service automatically by using this service. This is why we would like to encourage you to read the whole documentation before going ahead and using the service. If you find that you do not agree with the terms of service, it is advisable you avoid using the service. If there is a term whose meaning you cannot determine, we can help. All you have to do is reach out to us via an email. We will be happy to explain anything to you related to our terms of service or anything on this site.

Changing of the Terms

The terms can be changed at any time without alerting you or any of our users. We have the legal right to change the terms of service at any time we feel there is a need to do so. We can make changes to the terms if we happen to change how the site operates or maybe introduce a service that did not exist before.

Any time we happen to make changes to the terms, they will become effective the moment they get added to the site. Sometimes, we may provide a mechanism to confirm the acceptance of the terms of service. A good example would be a click through. If such a feature is available, the terms will become effective as soon as you use the feature to accept the terms. Since we do not alert our readers of the changes to the privacy policy, we encourage the readers to always check whether the Terms page is still the same or it has changed since the last time they visited the site. If you happen to not notice the new terms of service and continue using the site, the new terms of service will be effective even if you have not read them yet.

Account Creation

When you make an account or even make use of another service to log into our service, you will agree to be fully responsible of the privacy of the account you have created, its username and password. You will have to accept all the risks involved with creating accounts on the internet. Such a risk is the unauthorized access of your data available on the service account. Be vigilant with your account. If you happen to notice any peculiar activities, don’t hold back, let us know about the issue immediately.

The Conduct and User Content

This service does allow users to create their own content via posting or via any other method. Users are also allowed to link to other sites. The users are responsible for the legality, correctness, and appropriateness of the content they use our service to make available to other users.

By using our service to make information accessible to other users, you will be giving us the right and license to reproduce the content, display the content publicly and even reproduce it throughout the site. However, we will not have the right to edit your content to change its scope or change the content as a whole. Apart from the limited rights that you grant us after posting your content on the service, you retain all the other rights to your content. You can remove the content any time you feel like doing it. All you have to do is delete it. After deleting it, some of its copies may still be available in our website backups. We do retain log files for a while before we delete them completely.

Content We Prohibit on this Service

Although we do allow you to post any content on this service, we do prohibit the following types of content:

  • Deceptive, fraudulent, bigoted, libelous, or defamatory content.
  • Any illegal, unlawful or content that can create liabilities to the service.
  • Content that is capable of infringing the intellectual rights of any party. We will not allow anyone to use our service to violate a patent, trade secret, copyright, publicity or privacy right.
  • Spam content. Our service cannot be used for political campaigning, commercial messages which have been directed to people who have no interest in the messages, or repeated promotions.
  • Any private information cannot be posted on this service. You will not be allowed to post personal data for a third-party. Third-party data that has already been banned from this site includes phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account details, etc.
  • Posting corrupted data, viruses, and any other harmful content or code is not allowed.

Using the Service Responsibly

Our goal when we established this service was to make sure that all its users enjoyed the benefits it has to offer. To make sure that this happens, we recommend that its users observe the following guidelines while using it:

  • It is important to avoid using the service with a goal to overburden, disrupt, affect negatively, or even impair its normal functioning. We recommend that you avoid preventing other service users from enjoying its full benefits.
  • Impersonation is prohibited. Do not post on behalf of someone else. Also, try to avoid misrepresenting an entity or another person you are affiliated with.
  • Collecting personal data is something that service users have to avoid.
  • Threatening, intimidating, harassing, or even stalking service users is not recommended.
  • If you are under the age of 13 years, we prohibit the use of this service in any way. Anyone under the age of 13 years is not allowed to post or even create an account on this site.
  • Trying to circumvent the security measures implemented on this service is not allowed.

Our Materials

We invest a lot of our time and resources in creating the materials for this service. The materials we are talking about here include the text, the designs, the logo, information and everything else available on the site. We own everything on this site together with our licensors except the content you may have created. The United States and International copyright laws protect the Service. However, you are allowed to use it.

What Not Do with the Service Materials

Even if you are allowed to use this service, we encourage not doing any of the following with the materials available on the service:

  • Trying to modify the content or using the materials you derive from our site.
  • Using bots or any other method to mine data available on the service.
  • Downloading any page or portion of the service. 
  • Using our materials to create a competing service is prohibited.
  • Using the service for what it was not created for is not something we encourage.

If we notice that you are using our site to do any of the above, we will deny you access to the Service.

Content Available on Third-Party Websites and Hyperlinks

As a service user, you are allowed to use hyperlinks to link to our service. However, enclosing any of our trademarks, logos, and any other proprietary information before we offer our consent is not recommended. If you happen to access a third-party website via any of the links we have on this website, we will not be responsible for anything that happens on the third-party website. When you leave this website, our terms of service cease being effective immediately.

Any content that you post on this service or that which has been posted by other users is not reviewed or authenticated. It may, therefore, include false information. We do not guarantee the suitability, completeness or even the accuracy of all the content available on the service. When using the service, you are responsible for all the risks which might arise from using its information.

Legal Terms

We provide this service on “as is” basis. We do not have any representations or warranties. We disclaim any expressed or implied, written or oral warranties with respect to our service irrespective of whether they have arisen by law operation, or by any other method. This service will never be liable to any of its users for any form of damages which arise from the service or its content. Our liability will be strictly limited to the payment you make to this site directly.

Copyright Complaints

We respect intellectual property rights. If we notice constant copyright infringers on our service, we terminate their access to the service immediately. We adhere to the DMCA and other laws which safeguard the intellectual rights.


If we notice that you are breaking any of the terms included here, we will suspend or completely ban you from using our service.

The Entire Agreement

The terms you have just read constitute the new agreement you have with this service. They supersede any previous agreements.


We are always encouraging feedback from our visitors. We would like to hear what you think about the terms of service you have just finished reading. Once you provide your feedback, you will be giving us an irrevocable right to the feedback.

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