Urbanpharma.com Review - UK’s Source of Expensive Branded Medicines

Urbanpharma.com Review – UK’s Source of Expensive Branded Medicines

Urbanpharma.com was an online pharmacy operating from the UK. Their website says that this is a European Licensed Online Pharmacy that serves the UK, US and Australian customers only. The medicines offered by this e-store were EU and FDA approved. They only offered medicines from American and European pharmaceutical companies and they did not sell Indian or Mexican medicines. According to their website, they only partnered with drug manufacturers such as GSK, Eli Lilly, Schering, Merck, and Pfizer. They started operating in 2009 yet their close date was not made public by the operators.

This internet drugstore offered hundreds of medicines. They offered medicines for depression, cholesterol-lowering drugs, antibiotics, cancer, erectile dysfunction, and weight loss. They also offered drugs for hair loss and contraception. Among the most popular drugs they offered were:

  • Cialis for $85.46 for a pack of 4 tablets
  • Levitra for $83.65 for a pack of 4 tablets
  • Viagra for $91.30 for a pack of 4 tablets
  • Lyrica for $143 per pack
  • Accutane for $78 per pack
  • Vigrande for $28.51 per pack
  • Modiwake for $71.48 per pack
  • Prozac for $49.99 per pack
  • Cabaser for $42.83 per pack
  • Paxil for $49.99 per pack
  • Aromasin for $100 per pack
  • Remeron Zispin for $38.66 per pack s

All medicines offered by this e-store were branded. They were expensive as well as compared to other online pharmacies. Aside from credit card, they also accepted Bitcoin for payment. All orders were shipped via DHL Express. Guaranteed delivery was given to customers within 2-3 business days via DHL Worldwide Express. This type of delivery is trackable. Orders that were worth £150 (almost $200) were delivered free of charge in the UK while orders above £250 (almost $300) were delivered free in the US. Orders that were held by custom were reshipped free of charge. Customers were advised to report any delay to check the whereabouts of the package. If the support team finds that it was on hold, they will resend another order.

To make a report, customers can send a message thru the contact us page of Urbanpharma.com. They also have a mailing address which was Urbanpharma.com, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ, UK.

When it comes to their refund policy, their policy says that they issue refunds provided that the package remains intact (original condition, unopened). Customer dissatisfaction was one of the reasons they considered valid for a refund. Order cancellation also allowed provided that the order was not dispatched yet.

Urbanpharma.com Reviews

We are unable to obtain information as to when this online drugstore started and stopped operating. When we checked for customer reviews, we found no testimonial page, yet we found one review from a third-party review website.

Urbanpharma.com Reviews

The review was shared by James Goral who gave the web store a rating of 5. He said he had no problem communicating with them and had his order delivered on time thru DHL. He said it was an excellent service they provided.

Apparently, this was the only available customer feedback for this e-store. They did not have a testimonial page and after exhausting all available resources, we are left with this single review for Urbanpharma.com.

Urbanpharma.com Reviews 2018

Urbanpharma.com stopped operating before 2018 hence there are no available customer reviews for this year.

Urbanpharma.com Coupon Codes

Urbanpharma.com Offer

During their operation, Urbanpharma.com did not offer or release any coupon codes for their customers to use. This UK online pharmacy believed that the legit medicines they offered were enough to entice their customers.

Still, they offered some promotions such as free deliveries to orders that met the target order. All orders that were worth £150 (almost $200) were delivered free of charge in the UK. All orders above £250 (almost $300) were delivered free in the US via DHL Worldwide Express. Their express shipping offer was for customers living in the UK, in the US, and in Australia.


On their home page, Urbanpharma.com had a tagline that says their customer’s happiness was their concern. Among the promises they made to their customers were 48 hours guaranteed delivery, affordable prices for the medicines they sell, selling branded and real medicines only, and excellent customer service.

They also promised their customers that their website was safe and secure especially for customers who used a credit card for payment. They also said that they do not have hidden charges and what customers see will be the same amount to be charged on their credit card.

One of the advantages of Urbanpharma.com from a local drugstore that offers branded medicines was the fact that they did not require a prescription when dispensing prescription medicines. They offered prescription medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Accutane, and Provigil to customers who don’t have a prescription with an advice that they should seek a doctor’s advice before taking it.

To order, a customer should create an account with Urbanpharma.com. The pricing of their medicines was available in the US dollar and Euro. Their website was available in English and the Chinese languages. We are baffled by the fact that it was available in the Chinese language when the only customer they served were English and American customers.

We also find this store lacking in terms of customer reviews. They only had one customer feedback and although it was from a third-party review website, it is not enough for us to make a sound judgment about the reliability of this online drugstore. We find the prices of their medicines interesting though because these are among the most expensive online drugs we found. Even if they are claiming that these are branded medicines, the prices are still excessively high for an online pharmacy.

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