24h-meds.com Review – American Pharmacy Affilate with Unconfirmed Reputation

24h-meds.com Review – American Pharmacy Affilate with Unconfirmed Reputation

According to 24h-meds.com website, this online drugstore has been online for a period of 14 years now. It was established back in the year 2004. The drugstore indicates on its website that it has received accreditation from both CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacist Association). This shows that the drugstore might have its physical location in Canada.

The first thing I doubted about 24h-meds.com is whether the drugstore is really approved by CIPA and MIPA. In order to prove whether this is true, I decided to check 24h-meds.com on CIPA.com. The results proved the opposite. The drugstore is not approved by cipa.com. This is the first thing that made me doubt whether anything about 24h-meds.com is actually true.

This pharmacy offers a wide collection of medications. Apart from the erectile dysfunction pills which seem to be the most popular on the drugstore website, the pharmacy also offers other meds which include birth control pills, diabetes meds, cholesterol lowering pills, blood pressure pills, depression meds, weight loss medication and others. I counted a total of 26 medication categories on the drugstore with each category carrying numerous medications. This means that the pharmacy has hundreds of meds.

24h Meds has fair prices. For example, a pill of generic Viagra is worth only 0.36 dollars. Generic Cialis can be purchased at a price of only 0.76 dollars per pill. The pharmacy accepts the use of both Mastercard and Visa to pay for meds. These are the only methods of payment that the drugstore utilizes. After paying for medications, the buyer should expect them to be delivered either via Airmail or EMS. If the meds are delivered using the Airmail, the buyer has to pay 10 dollars and also wait for about 2 to 3 business weeks. For orders being shipped via EMS, the buyer has to pay 20 dollars. The EMS method is faster as the meds should arrive in a period of about 3 to 8 business days. All orders are processed within a period of 24 hours at 24h-meds.com.

24h Meds does not accept any returns. However, the drugstore states clearly that if your order was damaged on the way, the pharmacy will offer you free re-shipping. The drugstore indicates that if you are unsatisfied in any way, you will need to contact the customer support department and they will handle your issue. The quickest way to contact the 24h-meds.com customer support department is through their two phone numbers. Their United States phone number is +1 760 284 322 while their EU number is +4420 3286 3820.

24h-meds.com Reviews

I could not find any 24h-meds.com testimonials on third-party sites which focus on collecting reviews. The only reviews available online for the pharmacy were on its official website. After going through these reviews, I could not find even a single negative testimonial. I have captured these reviews below:

24h-meds.com Testimonials

Jonathan who resides in France appears to be happy with the order he had placed at 24h-meds.com. After arriving home from his long road trip, he found that his meds had arrived. The meds were both safe and secure and they were right on schedule. 24h-meds.com had even included 4 extra pills in the order as a bonus. Jonathan says that 24h-meds.com showed generosity and professionalism. The pills he received have managed to help him get his sex life back. He will be ordering again from 24h-meds.com.

Christian from 24h-meds.com is another happy 24h-meds.com user. She received her order. The meds she got cost her way less than the amount of money she had been paying for them in the local pharmacies. The delivery was on time.

Although 24h-meds.com has nice testimonials, I wouldn’t believe them. I have already discovered that the pharmacy is lying to its customers of being approved by CIPA. If a pharmacy has the audacity to lie about having approval from a pharmacy regulatory body, it means that the store can even lie about its testimonials. There is a very high likelihood that the reviews available on 24h-meds.com are fake.

24h-meds.com Reviews 2018

There were no reviews left by 24h-meds.com customers in 2018. The testimonials I have captured below may not reflect 24h performance in 2018:

24h-meds.com Testimonials

Brayden from the United Kingdom is happy with the services offered to him by 24h-meds.com. The quality of drugs delivered to him was great. The meds had the same quality as the ones offered by his local pharmacy at a price that he could not afford.

Luke’s package arrived in Spain after a period of only 14 days. He did not have to deal with the customs. 24h-meds.com offered him great services and also added extra pills as a bonus to his order.

24h-meds.com Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes for 24h-meds.com online and on its site. However, the drugstore had nice offers. I have captured these below:

24h-meds.com Offers

When 24h-meds.com price is compared with the price at which the meds are sold in the local pharmacies, the drugstore is 70% cheaper. For every order 24h-meds.com delivers, they included free Viagra pills. For all orders above 200 dollars, 24h-meds.com was offering both free shipping and a 10% automatic discount.


24h-meds.com has nice testimonials on its website. However, there is a very high likelihood of these testimonials being not real. The drugstore has lied of being approved by CIPA. This means that it can lie about its testimonials in order to lure in unsuspecting online medication shoppers. The drugstore has nice prices and a wide catalog. Also, the methods of payment offered by the drugstore allow the buyer to dispute his or her charges which is a great option.

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