– Is This Shop Worth It? – Is This Shop Worth It? is an authorized online reseller of steroids and other products necessary for bodybuilding such as weight loss/fat burning meds, post-cycle therapy drugs, and peptides. It’s like a one-stop shop for all bodybuilders as all of the essential products for muscle growth is sold here. Products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) is also sold on its website and it offers a great selection for all of its customers to choose from. is not just your ordinary source for muscle growth and ED treatment products as all of its merchandises are manufactured by recognized pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, MSD, and Novartis. Other than these renown manufacturers, they also have products from other GMP-certified pharma companies from other parts of the world. is a CIPA Rx approved, Canada-based online drugstore which has operated for some time. The store is based in Ontario (Canada) and is an online prescription service which is not actually a pharmacy, but an escrow service that links customers to a network of ground drugstores in various countries (like for instance, India).

The shop Affordable drugs vends both generic and brand name medicines and offers consumers both choices (generic or brand name) whenever possible. As for Affordable Drugs’ database, it offers more than 2000 medicines for its consumers, medicines for ailments like hypertension, pain, impotence, and others. Its most famous items include the following drugs:

  • Viagra 100 mg
  • Zetia 10 mg
  • Celebrex 200 mg
  • Cialis 20 mg

According to Affordable Drugs, its prices are 20 to 80% cheaper than the local drugstore prices, hence guaranteeing excellent savings for its consumers. Besides the cheaper price, Affordable Drugs is also marketing reliability and good quality products since its items are from licensed international dispensaries that only sell FDA-approved products.

Regarding prescriptions, Affordable Drugs requires the customers to send their Rx before they are allowed to order from the site, unlike most online pharmacies that do otherwise. Buyers should fax, email, or snail mail their written Rx (at least for the Rx-only items) so their orders may be completed.

Shipping offered by Affordable Drugs includes regular ($10 for US/Canada and $19.99 for international destinations) and expedited ($15 for US/Canada). However, when customers order items worth more than $100, Affordable Drugs waives the shipping fee. Shipping takes an average of 2-3 weeks for the regular option and more or less a week for the expedited option.

Payment methods accepted by Affordable Drugs include credit card payments, money orders (international), debit, and even personal checks. Affordable Drugs employs the latest SSL technology so the buyers are assured of their financial details’ safety whilst using the store.

Returns are allowed by Affordable Drugs and the shop grants refunds depending on the pills consumed by the buyers. For instance, you consumed 50% of the pills you order, you can send the remaining 50% and get a refund for them. Affordable Drugs cautions buyers about shops that promise 100% refund for returned pills that have been consumed at some percentage.

You can contact Affordable Drugs using its phone numbers and through its messaging integration. Affordable Drugs does not have a live chat support option. Reviews

Affordable Drugs Review
Affordable Drugs Review

Honestly, I found it difficult to search for available Affordable Drugs reviews on the web, as the store did not even have on-site reviews available. Nevertheless, I came across a limited number of editor reviews for the Affordable Drugs store:

According to one website, Pharmacy Reviews, the shop Affordable Drugs deserved an overall score of 3.5 out of 5 stars – the average of 3 to 4-star ratings for the shop’s features, support team, price, and delivery.

On another site, I saw ratings for Affordable Drugs from an average of 4 votes for the shop. According to this rating, Affordable Drugs deserved only 3.5 out of 5 stars for the website.

Although there were ratings for Affordable Drugs, the shop did not have actual buyer comments for the store for some reason. Because of this, I am thinking that it’s either the shop was unpopular or it was just a new platform.


Affordable Drugs Votes
Affordable Drugs Votes Reviews 2018

I wanted to see more updated reviews on Affordable Drugs, but there were no customer comments on Affordable Drugs on any third-party platform. Because of this, I tried verifying the details found on Affordable Drugs. Since the shop is claiming to be a CIPA Rx member, I checked if the site is indeed a CIPA certified pharmacy:

Affordable Drugs CIPA Rx Legit Check
Affordable Drugs CIPA Rx Legit Check

According to the CIPA Rx website, Affordable Drugs is indeed one of the 60 website members of the organization. The website is dispensing through a licensed pharmacy, dispenses meds to consumers with prescriptions.

Even if the shop’s indeed an approved pharmacy, I still went on to verify if indeed the store is an approved pharmacy even according to third-party platforms. I used Legit Script to verify and Affordable Drugs does not meet Legit Script’s internet verification standards. Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes offered by the shop Affordable Drugs to its buyers. However, the store offers another deal instead – the shop is offering free shipping for orders exceeding $100:

Free Shipping from Affordable Drugs
Free Shipping from Affordable Drugs

I tried to look for other deals on the website, but the store does not have anything in store for its buyers except for this free shipping offer. I was actually expecting more, but the shop does not have other deals like free pills or discounts for large orders.


Affordable Drugs is one of the few CIPA certified shops in the market. I was able to confirm the authenticity of its claim as a CIPA member (which means that it’s legit and only dispenses meds to consumers that have valid prescriptions), but this store does not have sufficient reviews available – I failed to locate customer comments and third-party mentions for Affordable Drugs. Since the store’s reliability is still somewhat in question, I will keep searching for more vendors.

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