Review: Canada’s Provider of Affordable Prescription Medications Review: Canada’s Provider of Affordable Prescription Medications is a source of generic and branded medications online. It was established in 2003 and is one of the first online pharmacies operating from Canada. It is a popular Canadian online pharmacy, to say the least.

Aside from being a seller and distributor of affordable medications, Canada Drug Pharmacy also has a wide range of products to offer. They have medicines to treat allergies, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, arthritis, and gastro problems among others. They also offer weight loss pills, drugs to treat hair loss, and sleeping pills.

Among their popular medicines are Viagra, Cialis, Advair Diskus, Celebrex, and Cymbalta. For their ED medicines, most drugs cost around $2 or less. In fact, Canadadrugpharmacy is one of the sources of cheap ED medicines online. For a branded Cialis, they offer it for $274 for a pack of 84 tablets. Before ordering with Canada Drug Pharmacy, you should check for coupon codes or specials that will help you save more with your medication.

According to Pharmacy Checker, the medicines offered by this e–store are FDA approved. In fact, this e-dispensary is licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. All medicines shipped from India, New Zealand, Turkey, Singapore, the UK, Turkey, and Australia are licensed by their respected health agencies.

To order, make sure to know the name or brand of medicine you need. Prepare your credit card as it is the only accepted mode of payment. Once you are done, proceed with the checkout and choose the shipping method you are comfortable with. For a fee of $9.95, you can have it delivered via Air Mail in three weeks or by adding $10, you can have it shipped via EMS in just 8 days.

For concerns, you should contact their support team via 1-877-295-8222 or 1-877-275-1525. You can also reach them thru mail at PO Box 97176, Richmond Main Post Office, Richmond, BC, Canada. Their email address is also open to all and you can shoot them a message at [email protected]

This e-store honors refund and reshipping of lost or damaged orders. Reviews

Keeping a positive online reputation is very challenging especially if you are catering to a worldwide audience. However, after checking some of the customer reviews of, we are surprised to see tons of 5-star reviews. It looks like they are doing well in terms of their products and customer service. Here are some of the reviews we found for Canadadrugpharmacy.

Canadadrugpharmacy Reviews

They have efficient and reliable service. This is the message that Blossom.loveth shared about Blossom.loveth added that this e-store has a great customer service and their support team is very helpful as well.

The second review we found was from Crystal who gave it a 5-star rating too. Crystal also praised the price and support team of Canada Drug Pharmacy.

Steven J also left a short but sweet message for this e-dispensary saying that they deliver effective medications.

The summary of these reviews reveal two things about – they offer good prices on the web and their products are effective. Reviews 2018

After 15 years, we are curious if was able to maintain their good standing as an online pharmacy. A quick check on their new review revealed that they did!

Canadadrugpharmacy Reviews 2018

One of their latest reviews was shared by Davo who gave it a 5-star rating. According to Davo, he ordered Cialis from Canadadrugpharmacy because it was cheaper. He was unable to order it from his local pharmacy because Cialis is not covered by his insurance.

He said that the ordering process was a bit frightening as he needs to send checks or use his credit card. He was afraid to deal with a Canadian store online because of the possibility of being fraud. After receiving his first order, his doubts were relieved though and with the savings, he had from ordering online, Steve said that he will continue getting his medicine from Coupon Codes

Coupon codes consumers can use when purchasing from an online store. A coupon code is always equivalent to more savings. Canada Drug Pharmacy understands the importance of such hence they always release coupon codes.

Canadadrugpharmacy Coupon Codes has released two coupon codes that both ends by the end of August. The first one gives up to 90% discount while the other gives a discount on certain medications. In order to take advantage of these coupon codes, just click on the ‘click to save’ button to get the code or to automatically take advantage of it.

Conclusion is an e-store that offers generic and branded medicines. They have over the counter and prescription drugs supplied by licensed pharmacies from Europe, India, and Asia. These fulfillment centers have the same goal as Canadadrugpharmacy, to make quality medications more accessible to people worldwide.

Based on the customer reviews we found online, Canada Drug Pharmacy is a reliable store. The deliver wherever you are and they have contact numbers that you can dial in case you have questions or queries. They also have available discount codes to help you make your medication more affordable. In an effort to make things easier for their customers, they also have two shipping methods available. What we like about is the fact that you can order as much medicine as you want without restrictions. This is provided that the health law in your country is not that strict when it comes to importation of drugs.

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