Review – Was an Online Pharmacy That Sold Drugs at Low Prices Review – Was an Online Pharmacy That Sold Drugs at Low Prices was a Canadian online pharmacy website that sold prescription medications at astoundingly low prices. Back when it was first launched until before it has disappeared, it had a great number of customers because the need for affordable alternatives to costly prescription drugs around the world is great, especially in the US. Most of its customers were from just over the border because the prices of medications in the US are soaring.

Even people with Medicare were regular clients of because of the coverage gap on their medical insurance. helped many people afford their drugs during its run as a pharmacy website and many were very happy with its existence. Its exact date of conception is no longer possible to find out due to the very little information available about it. But what we can say with certainty is that the site didn’t really disappear as it has simply merged with its parent pharmacy, Canada Drugs. is now Canada Drugs, continuing its operations as a reliable online pharmacy. was a pharmacy that’s fully committed to the safety of its customers and that’s the reason why it has made the quality and safety of its products top priority. The suppliers where it sourced its products from has the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which means that these manufacturers were approved by the World Health Organization.

Of course, the medications that were from these suppliers of were also FDA-approved, safe and effective for use. But some of its clients were not entirely convinced of its offers and have wondered how it was possible for to sell top-tier medicines for bargain prices. The answer to this is because all the products of are generic medicines, drugs which have the same active ingredients and quality as the brand name drugs. Generic drugs are naturally cheaper than the branded ones as these medicines are only reproduced versions made by a different manufacturer. gave generic meds as an alternative to its clients, allowing them to buy more and save more.

The countries where the meds of were sourced are Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, India, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The manufacturing standards in these countries are lofty and by importing medicines from these sources, have successfully proven its 10-star commitment to the quality of its products. Medicines produced from these countries were priced low and have simply taken these affordable drugs and made them available on its site for people that needed them.

Just like at the local pharmacies, have mandated its customers to provide prescriptions if they will be purchasing prescription meds. This was for the site to be sure that their clients have undergone proper health checkups from their doctors as using prescription drugs without being medically examined could result in adverse effects to the health. Without prescriptions, never allowed their clients to make a purchase. Aside from requiring prescriptions, also required their customers to sign-up for an account on its website. After its clients have finished the registration process, they were prompted to sign in and only then were they allowed to order their meds.

For the quick access of their customers, have composed a list of its top-selling meds and have placed it on the left part of its page so that a manual search would no longer be necessary. If the drugs that the customers were looking for is not available on its site or if they had other concerns, the next step would be for them to contact its customer service department and the representatives of would have gladly provided help. Reviews doesn’t have a testimonials page back when it was still available online that’s why its customers have given their reviews at forum sites and other places on the web. But since it’s already been years since it was closed, these reviews are already scarce. Most of the available reviews were for Canada Drugs but let’s have a look at this review from a pharmacy review site.

Cheapodrugs Review

This review came from a user named “seabrez”, a member of pharmacy review website which is Pharmacy Reviewer. The review that he gave was dated 10th of October, the year 2011. He said that although he did not see listed as a recommended online pharmacy on the web, the site had amazingly low prices for its products. What he bought from the site is the generic version of the drug brand Flomax and he was required to provide a prescription for it which he did. He checked the cost of Flomax at Walmart pharmacy and found that it’s priced at a whopping $410 USD for 90 caps. The only amount that he spent for the same number of Flomax pills at is only $26 USD. Checking the drug that he bought, he found that it’s from a legit pharma company in the UK. He even tried comparing the price that he got his Flomax pills for with the prices that other online pharmacies offer and found that indeed has the lowest prices. “Seabrez” even referenced the site Pharmacy Checker, saying that is top rated on its site. Reviews 2018

There are no more reviews available for as the site has already been merged with Canada Drugs. The merger was done years ago and Canada Drugs is now the representation of Cheapo Drugs. Nothing was changed after has merged with its parent site as the prices of the meds there are still low. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately for its international clients, this free shipping of orders that was offered by is only for its clients from within the USA. Customers who will be ordering meds with a total cost of $99 USD will automatically have their orders shipped free of shipping charges.

Cheapodrugs Free Shipping

Conclusion was a website that sold cheap meds but it’s no longer available as it has already merged with its parent website, Canada Drugs. The site had a good run, producing lots of happy clients but it no longer exists as it is now under Canada Drugs’ banner. Buyers who are looking for similarly impressive medicine sources can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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