Ed-Drugstore.Com Review – A Low Priced ED Medication Drugstore

Ed-Drugstore.Com Review – A Low Priced ED Medication Drugstore

Ed-Drugstore.com is a pharmacy operating online and offering erectile dysfunction medications. I could not determine when this pharmacy started operating or where it has its physical location. However, one thing I found in the copyright section is an interesting notification stating that Ed-Drugstore.Com is an affiliate marketing website. This made me realize that there is a large online pharmacy that uses Ed-Drugstore.Com to get more customers.

This pharmacy does not stock any other prescription meds except the ones that men and women can use to eliminate their sexual dysfunction. The ED meds available are generic meds. The drugstore has both generic versions of Viagra and Cialis. The cost for a single pill of generic Viagra is $0.69. A single pill of generic Cialis will cost you $1.30. ED Drugstore had generic Viagra for women. A pill of this drug would cost the buyer $1.89.

After navigating Ed-Drugstore.Com for a while, I could not locate any controlled substances. This pharmacy only sells FDA-approved medication. After adding some generic Viagra pills to the cart and checking them out, I was taken to a secure site where I was supposed to pay. I noticed that the drugstore accepted credit cards and Bitcoin as the methods of payment. The accepted credit cards include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.

The pharmacy had two ways of shipping. The first and the cheapest way is standard airmail service. This would cost $10. The other method of shipping available is the trackable service which would cost me $30. Ed-Drugstore.Com had a live chat for customers. However, when I tested this chat service, it was unresponsive.

The pharmacy offers phone numbers which buyers can use to contact their customer care service. They had three numbers. These are the +1 800 532 4808 (toll free US), +1 718 475 9088 (Regular US), and +44 203 011 0241 (UK). For customers who preferred emailing, a contact page is available where you can use the contact form integration to send your email. The pharmacy indicated that I would get an immediate reply. If I was unhappy with the customer support, I could email the pharmacy administration using [email protected]

Ed-Drugstore.Com Reviews

I searched online looking for any reviews available on third-party sites that could tell me whether Ed-Drugstore.Com is a pharmacy that can be trusted. I could not find any reviews for this online pharmacy on third-party sites. However, when I checked the official website, I found a large number of reviews. 100% of the reviews were positive. I have captured some of them below:

Ed-Drugstore.Com Testimonials

David says that he received his order in a week since the day he ordered. He is happy with the kind of service he got from Ed-Drugstore.Com. He says that he will be ordering from the drugstore again soon. The medication he got from the drugstore seems to have worked perfectly for him. He says that his wife was surprised with the results. He felt like he was 18 years old again.

Mark received his order on time and the pills worked perfectly for him. The medications managed to improve his sex life. Mike received his order quickly. He is impressed with the delivery time.

Although the above reviews are positive, it is important that you don’t take them to be 100% true. Pharmacies are known to manipulate reviews to project a positive look while in the real sense the pharmacy offers crappy services. The best thing to do when looking for an online pharmacy to buy from is to look for a pharmacy that has proven reviews.

Ed-Drugstore.Com Reviews 2018

Since Ed-Drugstore.Com did not include any dates for the reviews they had on their website. This made it impossible to determine when these reviews were written. Below, I have captured more reviews available on the official website even though I am not sure whether they were recorded in 2018 or earlier:

Ed-Drugstore.Com User Feedback

Jan says that he received his parcel. The only problem he had was with the courier who wanted to deliver the package to his home while he was away. He also received some 4 extra pills in his mailbox. He would like the pharmacy to start delivering the drugs to the postbox.

Ken had initially just ordered some trial pills. He received 10 of them and after using them, he determined that they worked perfectly. He is asking for more pills. He is happy with the customer support department working for Ed-Drugstore.Com. He wishes that other pharmacies emulated Ed-Drugstore.Com customer support department.

At first, Curt thought that he was being scammed. However, his meds finally arrived. The problem was actually with the postal service. The pharmacy had replaced his first order since he received two orders. He hopes that good Karma befalls Ed-Drugstore.Com.

Ed-Drugstore.Com Coupons

Saving money using coupon codes is always great. This is why I searched the web to determine whether it is possible to save money using coupon codes on ED Drugstore. I could not find any coupon codes online. But, the pharmacy had numerous offers. I have captured them below:

Ed-Drugstore.Com Bonuses

If I ordered at least 20 pills of any erectile dysfunction medication, I would get 4 Viagra pills for free. When the buyer orders more than 60 pills, he or she would receive 10 Viagra pills for free as a bonus. For buyers who managed to pay for at least 100 pills, there would be a 20 Viagra pills bonus. When you buy 170 pills of any ED medication, you will get free shipping. 5% and 7% discounts are given to 2nd and 3rd order customers respectively.


Ed-Drugstore.Com is a pharmacy that appears to be spotlessly clean when you check the reviews available on its official site. However, these are reviews we wouldn’t advise you to trust. Some fake pharmacies create nice reviews to manipulate buyers. One thing that stood out about Ed-Drugstore.Com is the cheap prices. The ED medication prices appeared to be affordable for any man. When choosing online pharmacies, choose pharmacies which have proven reviews preferably on third-party sites.

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