Review – Seized Due to Accusations of Selling Counterfeit Goods Review – Seized Due to Accusations of Selling Counterfeit Goods was a website that claimed to be the best steroids shop in the market. Most of its products are for bodybuilding uses such as oral steroids, injectable steroids, post-cycle therapy drugs (PCT), and human growth hormones (HGH). The remaining portion of its assortment is allotted to drugs which are used for treating premature ejaculation (ED), erectile dysfunction (ED), and products for losing weight. The physical location of its site was not disclosed on its page but it is believed that was legitimately headquartered in some European country as most of its customers are from Europe. also catered to customers from the United States and was also able to send products to remote parts of the world. The site used to be a busy website with customers from all over the world purchasing their products but for some reasons, the operations of the site just halted. started out back in 2012 and its site became inaccessible mid-2017.

Checking further as to what happened to, it appears that its website has been seized.

Eurobolic Domain Seized

For some reasons, has been accused of selling counterfeit goods to its customers. We cannot say for sure that these accusations are true as managed to operate for a solid 5 years, providing quality products to its clients. But the more likely reason why its site was seized is because independent online pharmacies like and others have started to become a threat to the established corporate drugstore chains. Customers have started to abandon the traditional way of purchasing medicines from local pharmacies and have begun to order their meds online where it’s a lot cheaper. These large companies have started losing profit which prompted them to launch a campaign against these online drugstores, to permanently close them down with the help of the FDA and other law enforcement agencies from different countries. The disappearance of has been a big disappointment to its clients, leaving them with no other choice but to look for a different source.

When it was still active online, made sure that it provided only the products of the best quality. The manufacturer of the steroids that they sell are reputable laboratories such as Genesis Meds, British Dragon, Thaiger Pharma, Alpha Pharma, Body Research, Max Pro, Bayer, Organon, British Dispensary, Hubei, La Pharma, and GE-TM labs. Their ED meds were also manufactured by trusted generic manufacturers such as Shree Venkatesh and Ajanta Pharma which are companies from India. In purchasing from its site, not just anybody can place orders. required its customers to be at least 21 years of age as its products interfere with the metabolism of the body, requiring the users to be of mature physique. Buyers which are 20 years of age are still prohibited to buy its products as it may have an adverse effect to their health.

Buying anonymously on its site was also not possible as obliges its clients to register for an account and sign-in before making any purchases. This requirement of was not made to make it difficult for the customers to buy their medicines but rather, to make it easier. Having an account on its site allowed the buyers to keep track of their purchases. Buyers simply went back to their order history to reorder their meds and they no longer searched for them again. In waiting for their orders to arrive, customers of only waited for 3 to 10 days, a wait time which is quicker than the shipping service of most online pharmacies. The parcels are also packaged by on non-marked packaging to protect the privacy of their clients. Reviews

The reviews above are from third-party discussion sites where was a topic because of its closing down. has no reviews section on its site but it’s a good thing that third-party reviews are still available for it though it has long closed down. Let’s check what its customers had to say after finding out that the site was accused of selling counterfeit products.

Eurobolic Review
Eurobolic Review

A customer of with an alias of Raging3ull mentioned in his review that he has already been ordering from the site for quite some time. Long before the site was seized, he was already its customer. But what disappointed him was the fact that he placed an order before the site was seized and the payments were received. Up until the date that he gave a review, he still hasn’t received anything. Only when closed down did he find out that the site sold fake products.

Eurobolic User Reviews

The next one is also the same as the first review and is given by a customer with an alias of marvelinho33. He found through a recommendation of someone and managed to order some products where he got a free gift from the store. It was also only by the time that the site had closed did he discover that it had sold fake meds. Review 2018

There are no more reviews available for as the site has already been closed a long time. Even the forum sites no longer have it as a topic which means that there are no more related discussions to Many people have been affected by the fact that it had sold fake meds, especially its previous customers but since there’s nothing more that can be done, people should just look for a different online source. Coupon Codes

Eurobolic Free Shipping

Customers at can get their orders shipped for free as long as they will be able to reach the required purchase amount which is €300. The free shipping of orders that they cover is worldwide, giving their customers the opportunity to save extra money.

Conclusion is no longer an existing website because it has been seized due to accusations that it has sold counterfeit products. Nevertheless, the store had a good run before it was closed down, selling steroids and other meds at affordable prices. Since the site doesn’t exist anymore, customers can instead check our top list of recommended providers.

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