Review – Had Mixed Receptions from its Former Clients Review – Had Mixed Receptions from its Former Clients was a former online drugstore now an offline website. My recent visit to the shop shocked me as instead of seeing the store, I was greeted by a glaring message from the EU government that the store ED Top Med is a seized website.

There was no explicit information about why the store was seized but the government is implying that this store’s domain was embargoed for suspicion of it selling counterfeit medications. Honestly, I can’t believe why the government sanctions stores like ED Top Med when clearly the store is just one of the thousands of generic online drugstores seeking to help customers afford their medications. Products at local drugstores (especially for brand-name treatments for notorious diseases) are at an all-time high, and stores like ED Top Med provide salvation for patients who do not have insurance and Medicare and could not afford their treatment. From what I know, there is a collaboration between the government and massive drug companies to quash these online pharmacies so they could maximize their profits and further their hold on the consumers.

Even if the store ED Top Med had several screenshots on the web archive, I could not get information for the store. What little I know about the store is this – that it’s an online pharmacy which sold mostly generic medications for erectile dysfunction/male impotence. I have no idea why online pharmacies like ED Top Med selling ED (erectile dysfunction) medicines are on the rise – this is maybe due to the increased demand of males for ED treatments as they gain awareness of the internet and its benefits.

According to the limited data I’ve gathered from the web, ED Top Med catered to clients in key countries like Europe, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and several others. The most popular items found on ED Top Med were, naturally, ED medications. As you can see in the image above, two of the best-selling products on ED Top Med were generic impotence treatments like Apcalis Oral Jelly and Caverta. Apcalis Oral Jelly is one of the generic derivatives of Cialis (Tadalafil) for impotence. Unlike Cialis though, Apcalis Oral Jelly is in jelly form, not in pill form. Caverta, on the other hand, is a generic substitute for Viagra and contains the same Sildenafil Citrate found in the leading brand from Pfizer.

Since the information for ED Top Med was rather limited, I was unable to determine the shops former shipping rates, its acceptable payment methods, refund policy, or its contact information. Reviews

I have found several ED Top Med reviews although there were merely on-site reviews instead of third-party customer comments. Since the reviews on ED Top Med were on-site, these reviews aren’t 100% believable although they were all positive remarks for the web pharmacy:

ED Top Med Review
ED Top Med Review

All of the buyers who had their comments published on ED Top Med were happy with their purchases. Most of the themes of the buyer testimonials for the ED Top Med shop were the following:

  • Fast and reliable delivery: According to the consumers, their orders arrived and were received in the least possible time
  • Low prices: Buyers were happy with the prices of the products found on ED Top Med and mentioned that these were the lowest they have found on the web
  • Helpful team: Clients have also commented about the good customer support rendered them by the store
  • Plans to order again: Most of the buyers also mentioned their intent to reorder from ED Top Med given its reliable service

Since these were merely on-site testimonials, I recommend taking these comments with salt. Reviews 2018

ED Top Med did not have 2018 reviews due to the fact that it closed down years before 2018. However, since I was unable to get customer testimonials for this online platform, I resolved to use other websites to evaluate its domain:

ED Top Med Web Analysis
ED Top Med Web Analysis

According to the result for the ED Top Med store, although the website is still not listed as an unsafe store, it did not have its own SSL certificate. Web shops without an SSL certificate are not secure to shop from since their platforms may be easily accessed by scammers.

Apart from the lack of an SSL certificate, ED Top Med was also without trust records and had no professional email address for its former customers. Coupon Codes

I found no deals on ED Top Med since its records were incomprehensible. However, like most online drugstores, ED Top Med may have had the following deals for its customers:

  • Free shipping: Most online pharmacies are offering free shipping to their consumers when the buyers are able to purchase a certain bulk of products from the store
  • Bulk prices: ED Top Med may have offered lower prices to buyers with more orders
  • Seasonal coupons: There may be seasonal coupon codes found on ED Top Med


ED Top Med, an ED store, was seized by the government although the EU government was unable to provide proof that ED Top Med was indeed selling counterfeit medications. I had trouble finding details for this online pharmacy – the store had limited reviews on the web and only had on-site reviews, which were not 100% trustworthy.

Because ED Top Med left without a trace and did not have information on whether it moved to another domain or what, I think it’s best to use stores that are reliable, like the ones found on our rundown of TOP Web Pharmacies for this year.

Jamie Castro

Author: Jamie Castro

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