Review – Good Online Pharmacy Since 2007 But Now Gone Review – Good Online Pharmacy Since 2007 But Now Gone is one of the web pharmacies that are now closed. There’s no clue why the shop went out of business – its former domain had no traces that it was recently sequestered by the government and the shop did not have negative reviews on the web that would tell us that the store was a scam site that eventually amassed numerous buyer complaints on the web.

In order to gain more details for My Secure Tabs, I went on to use the internet archive platform, which is a database of websites and other web content. Sure enough, there were plenty of web shots found on this platform for the store My Secure Tabs.

According to the details found on the old My Secure Tabs site, the shop started its service in 2007 and was a seller of medicines mostly for erectile dysfunction, depression, weight loss, skin care, and bacterial infections. This online pharmacy openly declared that it came from India and even provided an address for customers to refer to, unlike most of the online pharmacies that are too secretive when it comes to their locations, especially when they are from India and other countries.

My Secure Tabs’ product line-up consists of products from the renowned company Cipla, one of the largest generic manufacturers in India. Cipla is a US FDA-certified company with plenty of recognition for its good manufacturing process and its high-quality products. Sadly though, according to the company, it is not affiliated with any online pharmacy or drug distributor on the web.

The most popular medicines on the My Secure Tabs store include the following items:

  • Generic Viagra 100 mg: $1.02 per pill
  • Generic Cialis 20 mg: $1.19 per pill
  • Generic Viagra Professional 100 mg: $1.11 per pill
  • Generic Cialis Pro 20 mg: $1.12 per pill
  • Generic Propecia 5 mg: $0.85 per pill

These products were offered by My Secure Tabs even to consumers without the corresponding prescriptions for the items. However, My Secure Tabs suggested that its consumers should consult their doctors first before purchasing anything from the site to ensure their safety. According to My Secure Tabs, all of its products were approved at least by the Indian FDA so they were safe and effective to use by the consumers.

Concerning payments, My Secure Tabs allowed credit cards, ACH, and E-checks. Regarding shipping, given the limited information available on the former My Secure Tabs website, I was unable to determine the store’s rates for international shipping.

Refunds and replacements were given by My Secure Tabs as long as the buyers were able to communicate their concerns to the store’s customer support team. Reviews

I was able to find several buyer reviews for the website My Secure Tabs and from several third-party sources. Here are the reviews I’ve found for the website:

My Secure Tabs Review on Trust Pilot
My Secure Tabs Review on Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot is one 3rd party review service that houses thousands of buyer testimonials for a wide range of online pharmacies. My Secure Tabs only had one review, from a user named Stephen Walker, who posted in April 2013. Stephen gave the shop 5 out of 5 stars for its overall performance and mentioned that it was his second time to order from the online pharmacy. According to him, the meds he ordered were effective and had a shelf life of 2 years.

My Secure Tabs Review on Pharmacies Review
My Secure Tabs Review on Pharmacies Review

Another user who posted his review on another web platform (Pharmacies Review), had an excellent report for My Secure Tabs. This user gave My Secure Tabs 5 out of 5 points and mentioned that he’s used the shop for years and that he never had a problem with the store’s service or its products.

Live Person Rating for My Secure Tabs
Live Person Rating for My Secure Tabs

Apart from these reviews, My Secure Tabs also had a report from the site Live Person, which was an evaluation tool for online support teams of various online pharmacies. According to the result for My Secure Tabs, it had an excellent 5/5 star rating for its overall service. Reviews 2018

Although the store My Secure Tabs had positive reviews from customers (2013 the latest), the store did not have any more recent attention for its service. This may be due to the store’s early closure before 2018. I also tried to use several third-party websites to evaluate My Secure Tabs’ domain, but these platforms turned up empty when it comes to this platform, indicating that the My Secure Tabs wasn’t included in their domain. Coupon Codes

My Secure Tabs Deal
My Secure Tabs Deal

No coupon codes and offers exist for the store My Secure Tabs, but the store had other discounts in place for its customers:

According to the My Secure Tabs shop, buyers with orders of 500 pills of more were entitled to added discounts from the store. Although this was advertised by the store, My Secure Tabs was not specific about the discounts applied to buyers with bulk orders.


My Secure Tabs was an online drugstore selling medicines from the company Cipla, one of the biggest manufacturers of generic medicine in India. This online store was active since 2007 but for some reason has closed down its doors to its clients.

There were no negative reports about My Secure Tabs on the web so I’m guessing the store closed down on its own terms. Since there are no reports about My Secure Tabs’ reincarnation, I think it’s best to use stores that are reliable, like the ones on our TOP Vendors List, rather than search for stores claiming to be My Secure Tabs.

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