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Northern Express is a new online pharmacy whose products are mainly generic medicines. By offering generic meds to its clients, Northern Express has effectively helped their customers save money as these drugs are naturally cheaper than branded drugs. The high prescription drug cost at the local pharmacies is what Northern Express aims to help its customers from because many people are unable to get their needed medications because they can’t afford them. Northern Express knows that meds don’t have to be expensive as generic medicines are the answer that many people are looking for.

There’s really not much difference between the branded drugs sold by local drugstores and the generic medications on the selection of Northern Express. Generic drugs use the same ingredients as the branded meds which means that in using these drugs, patients will simply be getting the exact similar effects. So in buying generic versions of their drugs from Northern Express, the customers are doing themselves a favor as they are saving money without compromising their treatment. They’ll also be able to purchase an adequate supply of the medications that they need for their future use.

The users can also be 100% confident in using the medicines that they bought from Northern Express knowing that these products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prior to being sold by Northern Express, these medications have been thoroughly checked and examined by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. The approval of FDA to these generic meds also puts them on equal footing with the costly branded meds as the FDA’s standards are the same for brand and generic drugs.

Visiting its website, what the customers will immediately see is its bestsellers list on the center of its website. Northern Express calls these meds it’s most featured products which means these are the most popular medications on its site. These drugs on its most featured products are just eight (8) meds but these meds are all erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs. The first three are the standard generic versions of the popular ED brands Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The following 5 ED meds are still generics of these three brands but these are enhanced versions which have a quicker onset of action and heightened levels of efficiency.

Enhanced ED Generic Variants of Northern Express
Enhanced ED Generic Variants of Northern Express

These generic ED brands are Levitra Professional, Viagra Super Active Plus, Cialis Super Active Plus, Viagra Soft, and Cialis Soft tablets. Using these generics will give users more improved effects compared to using the original ones, allowing them to enjoy its benefits more.

But other than their featured ED medications, Northern Express also have other product categories that its customers can browse. The range of products on the medicine categories offered by Northern Express may not be as huge as what the local pharmacies have but shoppers are guaranteed to find the most commonly-purchased medications on this list. Some of the medicine categories of Northern Express include pain relief, sleeping aids, birth control pills, cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood pressure management drugs, antibiotics, skin care, antidepressants, allergy medications, general health, and many others.

For the customers to easily locate the medicines that they need, they should use the search bar on the topmost part of its page where they can put either the brand name or the generic name of the medicine that they’re looking for. The search will give them the most relevant results but the users have to be 100% accurate with the name that they will be putting inside the search box. Wrong spellings don’t count and the search will yield no results for misspelled drug names. But if they’re really not sure how their drugs are spelled, they can try looking for them on its alphabetical assortment of drugs just above the search option. Reviews

Northern Express is a pharmacy website with no reviews section on its page which means that it’s not going to have any on-site reviews. On-site reviews are not that reliable since these reviews might have been fabricated and faked by pharmacy sites that have them to convince the customers that they are indeed reputable and trustworthy among their customers. In a way, it’s a good thing that Northern Express don’t have them but it means that the user reviews for its site are going to have to be from independent third-party pharmacy review sources.

But after a long search, it appears that Northern Express don’t even have third-party reviews available which means that the site doesn’t get too many visitors. With the number of online pharmacies on the web numbering to thousands, it would really be tough for Northern Express to get its share of customers. Nevertheless, its site still offers very affordable medicine prices which are even cheaper than other online pharmacies. This means that there’s a good chance that it would get more customers in the future who may leave some positive reviews for it. Reviews 2018

Customer reviews are not yet available for Northern Express at the moment which will tell us that it’s not yet getting noticed as an online pharmacy. Soon enough, when the site manages to serve a number of clients, satisfied customers will inevitably spread the world making Northern Express popular. But if the site continues to be without reviews, it’s going to need to work on making its presence known on the web through advertising itself. Coupon Codes

On the cart page of Northern Express, there is a box supplied for putting this 5% discount code. Once this code is applied, the orders of the customers will automatically be discounted by 5%. Aside from this coupon discount, Northern Express also gives away free bonus pills with their customer’s orders and waives the shipping fees for orders above $300 USD in total cost.

Northern Express Coupon Code Discount
Northern Express Coupon Code Discount


Northern Express is an online pharmacy for generic medicines. The prices that it offers are so cheap that customers can purchase the costly prescription drugs here for only a fraction of its original price. The bestsellers of Northern Express are meds for ED but it also has other medicine categories that customers can choose from based on their needs. But other than this site, we have a list of recommended providers that customers can check out.

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