On-Drugstore.com Review – Was A Decent Online Drugstore

On-Drugstore.com Review – Was A Decent Online Drugstore

On-drugstore.com is an online pharmacy that specializes in selling generic medicines. Its operations started out back in the year 2007 but it has eventually closed down around 2017. All in all, it had 10 years of selling medicines to its clients worldwide before the site went away. In selling generic meds, what On-drugstore.com aims to become is to be an alternative source to the local drugstores that sell costly medicines. Since generic drugs are cheaper, customers can get big savings in buying their meds at On-drugstore.com. They can save for up to 80% of their money in purchasing here, allowing them to have more money to spend on other important things. On-drugstore.com promotes the use of generic meds to its customers back when it was still operational since generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the branded medications. Using generic versions of the costly branded drugs will give the users the exact same results since these meds are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The category of meds offered by On-drugstore.com are not as wide as what the local pharmacies have but they have the essential medicines that the customers need. They sell allergy meds, antibiotics, blood-pressure-lowering drugs, cancer medication, diabetes maintenance drugs, cholesterol lowering meds, pain meds, muscle relaxants, weight loss drugs, antipsychotic medications, and many more. Since the medicines manufactured in the US are getting too expensive for the customers to afford, On-drugstore.com imports its meds from renown drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in India. The generic meds from India are of excellent quality since it is a country that is rich in high-grade raw materials for drug manufacturing. And since the manufacturing costs there as also low, On-drugstore.com can get its meds at wholesale prices to the benefit of its customers. No longer does the customers have to spend hefty sums of money for their prescription drugs, On-drugstore.com takes care of their drug needs by providing cheap alternatives which are just as effective.

When On-drugstore.com was still available as an online pharmacy, it was a site where ordering medicines was very easy to do. Indicated below each of the medicine icon on its site is a button that says “Buy Now” and then a page where they’ll be able to select their desired quantity will appear. After choosing the number of pills that they want to buy, customers can simply click the “Checkout” button where they will be led to the payment page where they will be filling out the necessary forms. Once they’re done, they can just click the “Submit” button for the payment confirmation message to be sent to their email.

Compared to purchasing meds at the local drugstores, buying medicines at On-drugstore.com, especially prescription meds, don’t require the customers to provide prescriptions. Buyers can freely purchase their meds here at On-drugstore.com when it was still active but it still strongly recommends its customers to first consult their doctors before using the drugs that they have purchased from its site. This is because medicines do have contraindications and may have negative effects on the users if taken improperly. Users may also have underlying health conditions that may be affected by taking a certain drug and it’s important for them to have a full medical checkup before taking anything to avoid this kind of health problem.

The shipping rates offered by On-drugstore.com when it was still operating are pretty decent. They only charge $10 USD for standard international mail which takes 10 to 21 days and only $30 USD for the courier service which only takes 5 to 7 days of wait time. In case of missing or damaged orders, On-drugstore.com also provides refunds or reshipments to their clients, whichever of the two options they wish to avail. The that they send out are also packaged discreetly to protect the privacy of their clients.

On-drugstore.com Reviews

A customer named David was thankful to On-drugstore because he received his ordered meds just after one (1) week. Using the pills that he bought, David was also satisfied with the results that he got as he felt young again. Based on his review, readers can guess that what he bought are ED pills since he also mentions his wife who was surprised with the results. David is thankful to On-drugstore.com because of this pleasant experience that he had.

On-drugstore.com Reviews

Mark is also grateful to On-drugstore.com because aside from the fact that he received his orders on time, the pills that he bought also worked perfectly for him.

The reason for Mike’s review for On-drugstore.com was also the same as the previous review, informing the site that he has already received the pills that he ordered. Mike is also impressed with the time of his order’s delivery as he didn’t have to wait for very long to get them.

Thanking On-drugstore.com for its follow-up, a customer named “DN” informs the site that he has already received the pills that he bought and also had the opportunity to try them out. He also adds that he was very happy with the results that he got, as well as his girlfriend.

The site no longer has third-party reviews available and the only testimonials that we can gather are those which are from on-drugstore.com’s own review page. But because these are on-site reviews, we can never be 100% certain that these are from real customers.

On-drugstore.com Reviews 2018

On-drugstore.com has been closed for some time now and recent reviews for the site are no longer available. The information offered on web archives are only limited to those times when the site was still in business but since it’s already out, these details are no longer obtainable. The reviews earlier are from the year 2008 and there are no more recent reviews available for On-drugstore.com.

On-drugstore.com Coupon Codes

On-drugstore.com Free Pills and Free Shipping

Checking the remaining limited information archived about On-drugstore.com, it appears that the site offered freebies to its customers in the form of bonus pills and free shipping:

The 20 free Viagra pills still depend on the amount of meds that the customers will be able to purchase as well as the free shipping. On-drugstore.com offers to ship their customer’s orders for free if they’ll be able to purchase a certain amount which is qualified for the said offer.


On-drugstore.com was a decent online drugstore with quality meds and cheap medicine prices but since it’s already closed down, customers will no longer be able to avail of its offers. It is no longer operational, so buyers should look for a different medicine source. To those who are looking for reliable online alternatives to On-drugstore.com, they can check our top list of recommended providers.

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