Review – Where Has This Shop Gone? Review – Where Has This Shop Gone? has its domain for sale after operating for so long on the web. There is no particular reason why this shop went offline after catering to the generic (and cheap) medicine needs of its consumers. Apparently, the store was unable to maintain its domain registry, hence its present domain now for sale.

Fortunately, there was information for Online Canadian Pharmacy on the web archive that I was able to refer to. Based on the information for this platform, the shop started in the 90s and was initially a family pharmacy business in Toronto and Ontario and eventually grew into store chains and online pharmacies in the late 2000s. According to the shop, all of its products were approved by the Canadian Pharmacy Association and thus were safe to use by the consumers.

The products sold on Online Canadian Pharmacy were mostly generic items (although there were some brand name meds available). As for the FDA approvals of these medicines, Online Canadian Pharmacy also stated that the medicines found on its platform were all certified safe to use by the Food and Drug Administration (although Online Canadian Pharmacy did not state which FDA certified its products). Most of the items on Online Canadian Pharmacy were for erectile dysfunction use, but the shop also had medicines for various medical conditions like pain relief, bacterial infections, women’s health, and a lot more. Online Canadian Pharmacy does not ask for prescriptions for its products so consumers were able to order any product from Online Canadian Pharmacy even without providing the corresponding prescriptions. There was also nothing on the store urging the consumers to consult their doctors before resolving to use the products they have bought from the Online Canadian Pharmacy store.

As for the payments, the store allowed buyers to purchase items on Online Canadian Pharmacy using their credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX) and E-check payments. Concerning shipping, Online Canadian Pharmacy ships to all countries of the world, but it did not state anything about the shipping costs. However, the store mentioned that orders above $200 were granted free shipping.

There were no data about the store’s closure. Buyers were silent when it came to reviews and though on-site reports were available, I can’t bring myself to trust these comments given their questionable reliability. Reviews

Customer reviews are available on Online Canadian Pharmacy’s platform and while I don’t trust them a hundred percent, I had to refer to them since there were no other reviews for Online Canadian Pharmacy available on the web. Here are several customer reviews for the shop Online Canadian Pharmacy:

Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews
Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

According to one user named John, who left his review for the Cialis product, the Online Canadian Pharmacy Cialis helped him overcome his impotence. He said that through the drug, he felt 20 years younger than he truly was.

Sergio Hoffman also reviewed Cialis (and the Viagra Powerpack) from Online Canadian Pharmacy and mentioned that the meds were able to help him with his dysfunction. According to him, the Online Canadian Pharmacy was as competitive as the brand name medicines for impotence like Viagra from Pfizer. Overall, he was satisfied with the results given by the store’s generic products. Reviews 2018

There were no 2018 reviews for the store Online Canadian Pharmacy, but the store has had “more recent” reviews on its platform. Again, although these comments appear positive and uplifting, I can’t depend on their messages considering they have only originated on the website and may be biased towards the store:

Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews
Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Naturally, the store comments were very much positive about the products – according to the consumers, the medicines they bought from the website were effective for their medical conditions (most of the buyers gave their reviews for meds for impotence). Apart from the effective medications, the consumers have also commented about Online Canadian Pharmacy’s excellent customer service and the fast delivery speed for the items. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes at Online Canadian Pharmacy, but checking the store, I found several buyer discounts which the consumers would have enjoyed (if Online Canadian Pharmacy were indeed a legit online drugstore).

Online Canadian Pharmacy Discount Offers
Online Canadian Pharmacy Discount Offers

Buyers were offered the following deals by the shop Online Canadian Pharmacy:

  • Bonus pills: According to Online Canadian Pharmacy, consumers were granted freebie pills regardless of their order sizes
  • Free shipping: Aside from the free pills, customers were also allowed free shipping should their orders reach at least $150 for the regular shipping or at least $300 for the express shipping
  • Free insurance: Insurance was free if the customer orders reached $200


Online Canadian Pharmacy was an online drugstore that sold a wide range of generic products. Although most of the items on Online Canadian Pharmacy were for erectile dysfunction, customers have also bought medicines for pain relief, fertility, gastric pain, and others from the store, even without providing the prescriptions.

The shop Online Canadian Pharmacy closed without warning and to-date, its domain is now for sale. There’s no specific cause for this, although we can impute this to the store’s inability to keep paying for the domain’s registry. Since the store is now gone, I endorse using online pharmacies listed under our TOP Vendors rundown instead.

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