Review – A Pharmacy with Great Reviews Offering Its Services in the UK Review – A Pharmacy with Great Reviews Offering Its Services in the UK

Pharmacy2u is an online drugstore that has its base of operation in the United Kingdom. This pharmacy is one of the first to offer its services online in the United Kingdom. The drugstore started offering its services in 1999. It has 19 years of experience offering its services on the web. The drugstore claims that it services more than 1,000,000 people in the United Kingdom. The pharmacy is registered in the UK by General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The drugstore offers an online doctor service which they claim is regulated by Care Quality Commission.

The pharmacy only deals with FDA-approved Medication. The pharmacy offers stop smoking medication, hair loss meds, eye health products, ear care, nasal meds, and more. The drugstore offers erectile dysfunction medications. I managed to locate both generic and brand Viagra. The cost of generic Viagra is $1.06 a pill. The cost for a pill of brand Viagra is $9.075.

I found to have very secure methods of payment. The drugstore will allow their customers to pay for their meds via credit cards. The credit cards the pharmacy accepts include VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. The pharmacy also accepts payment via PayPal. uses 2 methods of delivery. These include Express delivery which will cost the buyer $8.25 for orders below $52.8. The second method of shipping is Royal Mail Tracked which takes about 24 hrs. This will cost the buyer $4.6. The Royal Mail Tracked which takes about 48 hours is free for NHS prescriptions. did not have a live chat option. However, the drugstore had a contact page where the buyer could use the integrated form to send an email or use the contact details provided to reach Pharmacy 2 u customer service department. The number you should use to call the pharmacy is 0113 265 0222. The drugstore indicates their average email response time is within 1 day.

The pharmacy accepts returns. The items have to be returned within a period of 28 days. The pharmacy will then give a full refund to the customer. The drugstore indicates the refund time may be as long as 7 working days. Also, the refund can only be made to the credit card used to purchase the returned products. Reviews

A simple search online produced a large number of reviews for the pharmacy on different third-party review sites. I chose to check Trustpilot. This reviews site had more than 60,000 customer comments about Pharmacy 2u. Over 80% of the reviews were positive. The drugstore had an overall rating of 8.9. I have captured some of their reviews below:

Pharmacy2u Testimonials

The first reviewer who is known as Tony says that he has already used Pharmacy 2u several times now. He indicates that he has always found the pharmacy to be great at offering customer services. Also, He says the prices offered by the drugstore are very competitive. The only negative thing he has seen is the length of their Freepost address.

Cathy reports that she has already ordered several times from Her order always arrived the next day in good condition. She says she would recommend the drugstore. According to Cathy, provides first class service.

Although has nice reviews which prove the drugstore usually delivers its promises, the drugstore is not suitable to the international community. The drugstore appears to only deliver the drugs they offer to the people located in the United Kingdom. There are drug stores available online which will deliver drugs to people located all around the globe. Reviews 2018

The trend for reviews remained the same in 2018. There were numerous customers offering positive feedback. Again, to act as proof, I have captured a couple of their reviews below:

Pharmacy2u 2018 Testimonials

Michelle says that she loves the way she is reminded by Pharmacy 2 u to order. The medications will arrive at her doorstep in a period that does not exceed a few days. She is unhappy with the fact that the pharmacy does not sell controlled drugs like tramadol. She has to go to the local pharmacy to get her tramadol. She says that the chemist offers great service.

The second reviewer who calls herself Mrs. M says that using is so much easier than using a chemist. She reports she used to forget her prescriptions. However, when using, she is reminded to order her prescription meds. She only needs to push a few buttons to order her prescription meds. When she orders, she gets email updates during the delivery process until the medications arrive at her doorstep. She says that Pharmacy 2u is ideal for people who forget their prescriptions and for busy people since trips to the pharmacy are not needed. Coupon Codes

The pharmacy has a large number of coupons. I located these on third-party coupon sites. I have captured a few of these below:

Pharmacy2u Coupons

The first and last coupon codes will allow you to save 10% on all your orders. The second coupon code will allow you to save 5%. The pharmacy itself allowed its buyers to enjoy free shipping when they purchased meds worth at least £40 or $52.8.

Conclusion is a good pharmacy. The fact that over 60,000 customers have given the drugstore an 8.9 out of 10 rating shows that the drugstore strives to make sure its customers are satisfied. The drugstore has quick delivery and delivers quality products. However, the pharmacy has limited generic brands in the pharmacy catalog. For example, the pharmacy has only one brand of generic Viagra. Also, locating your medications in the pharmacy is hard. You have to search for the medication. only ships its medications in the UK. This means that people outside the United Kingdom cannot benefit.

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