Review: An Online Pharmacy That’s Been Closed for the Last Five Years Review: An Online Pharmacy That’s Been Closed for the Last Five Years was an internet dispensary that started operating in 2005 but closed down in 2014. We are unable to obtain the location of this e-store during its operation. We found out though that they used to ship prescription medicines without asking for a prescription from their customers.

There were five categories of medicines offered by Prescription-Rx. They offered weight loss pills, sleeping pills, sexual health medicines (erectile dysfunction drugs today), muscle relaxant, and anti-anxiety medicines. These are Rx medicines and most of the medicines offered by are branded drugs. For weight loss, they offered Phentermine and Ambien for sleeping aid. For sexual health, they offered Cialis and Viagra. For muscle relaxant, they sold Soma, Percocet, Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone. To treat anxiety, they offered Valium and Xanax.

Back in the days when Prescription-rx was still operational, erectile dysfunction drugs are not that popular yet. They are also expensive. We noticed though that Viagra was included in the bestseller list of Prescription Rx.

Cialis was offered by Prescription-rx for $349 per pack. Each pack contains 30 tablets of Cialis 20 mg. Viagra was offered back then for $299 for a pack of 30 100 mg tablets.

Since they offered branded medicines, the prices of the said drugs were extremely high. In fact, they offered Xanax for $389 per pack with 30 tablets of 2 mg dosage. For Percocet 10 mg, the price is $449 for a pack of 30. A pack of 30 of 50 mg Tramadol was sold for $349. With this information, we are assuming that offered high price on branded medicines. With a strong competition from Canadian online pharmacies that offer affordable generic medicines, who would spend hundreds of dollars with

During their run, this e-dispensary had been releasing specials and bestsellers to guide their customers, especially the new ones. They also have a list of new products that customers can consider if they are considering changing their medication.

Orders were shipped via UPS and usually two days after payment verification. Orders were delivered without requiring a signature. Customers who wanted to sign their deliveries had to request for UPS Extra for an additional cost. The regular UPS shipping was free. Price for shipping was not indicated on their website. Shipping cost varied for every order as it depended on destination and weight of the order.

Payment for orders was processed with a credit card (Visa or a MasterCard) and PayPal. The website is SSL encrypted hence they assured their customers that all information inputted were safe from hackers and remains confidential.

For queries, the number that Prescription-Rx provided to their customers was 786 87 1210. This support hotline was operation 24/7 according to their page. They also had a contact us page for customers who wanted to send them a direct message thru email. They also have an email address for customers who had questions regarding their order. The email address was [email protected] Reviews

Finding a customer review for an online pharmacy is hard, much more if the said online pharmacy is no longer active. Sometimes, the information from the web archive is not enough or limited and third-party reviews are not available. This seems to be the case with Prescription Rx as we are unable to find any customer review.

We think that the fact that this store had been closed for a long period of time is the reason why we are unable to retrieve any customer reviews, good or bad it is. Reviews 2018

With Official Drugstore being closed down before 2018, we are unable to find any new reviews associated with this e-store. The information we gathered thru the internet archive is also limited as some information are no longer available. Coupon Codes had been closed for such a period of time that finding information about this online pharmacy has become a challenge. After researching for some time, we concluded that they did not offer any coupon codes during their time. We are unable to find any presence of perks or special offers from this e-store as well. Maybe they released some sales in the past but those are no longer available hence we are unable to retrieve it.


Among the offers of Prescription Rx to their customers during their run was a money back guarantee, fast shipping as orders were processed upon confirmation of payment, free shipping, secure payment processing, and a satisfaction guarantee. started operating during the years when medicines were very expensive and there are no generic brands to compete with them. They were in business from 2005 to 2014 and we believe that the expensive branded medicines they offer were the reason why they went out of business in 2014. By then, thousands of online pharmacies are already operating online, selling generic medicines from India that costs less than 90% against its branded counterparts. Perhaps when Canadian and Indian online pharmacies are starting to become popular with their affordable medication offers, Prescription-Rx sale started to decline.

Because it has been closed for more than 5 years, we are unable to retrieve customer reviews for this e-store.

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