Review – A Seized Steroid Seller with Recommendations from Customers Review – A Seized Steroid Seller with Recommendations from Customers is web drugstore whose major focus was selling steroids to bodybuilders worldwide. The drugstore is no longer online. Its domain address has already been seized by the authorities. The authorities indicated on the domain homepage that Steroids Mix was participating in the distribution of counterfeit products. However, after doing research, I confirmed that this is not the reason the online pharmacy has been seized. The major reason for the drugstore was seizure is because the big pharma companies are trying to make it impossible for people to get cheap generic drugs online. This can only be done by closing the pharmacies which help distribute the medications. The cheap generic medication sellers drain customers from Big Pharmas which obviously is something that the Big Pharma can’t be happy about.

Information about when Steroid Mix was established or where it was based was not available on the drugstore site. This was not surprising since this is a common thing with most of the steroid sellers available online. However, the drugstore site suggested that the pharmacy might have had its physical location in Europe. Some of the things which suggest this include its .eu domain extension and the fact that the default currency is Euros.

The drugstore catalog was made up largely of steroids. However, there were other medications which included weight loss medications and sexual health medications. The drugstore indicated that its meds are all approved by the FDA. Its meds were being sourced directly from manufacturers. Some of the pharmaceutical companies which supplied the drugstore with genuine medications included Genesis, British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Schering, Organon, Extreme Pharma, and others.

I decided to see whether the drugstore was offering affordable medications. I checked the price for both steroids and erectile dysfunction meds. Genesis Bolde would have cost a buyer 73.2 dollars. Another steroid by the name British Dragon Boldabol would have cost a bodybuilder 41 dollars. One of the generic erectile dysfunction medication available at is Kamagra. A pill of this medication would have cost any man 4.1 dollars. These prices are low when compared to the local drugstore prices. However, they are not the lowest prices a buyer can find online. used two shipping methods. These are Recommended letter and Express Mail Service (EMS). The shipping rates would depend on the number of pills you are purchasing. For example, Recommended Letter would cost $8.2 for pills worth 35 dollars while the EMS would cost 41 dollars for the same order. Both shipping methods would deliver meds in a period of about 3 to 7 working days. However, the EMS shipping method had the benefit of being trackable. was not clear on whether it offers refunds or the methods of payment their buyers would need to use. This information was given to buyers after they placed their orders. To contact, buyers had to send them an email via the contact form integrated on their contact page. Reviews

In an attempt to determine whether Steroids Mix was really trafficking fake meds, I decided to check the drugstore reviews. If I found buyers complaining of having received fake meds, I would have believed that the drugstore sold fake medications just like the organizations which seized the pharmacy domain address claim. However, just as I had expected, no one was complaining of having received fake pills. In fact, reviews were overly positive. Here are some of the reviews:

Steroidsmix Review

Walter says that he knows The pharmacy is simple and its communication is great. Steroids Mix recommended meds which were not expensive. The drugstore was willing to help in any way. Walter says that the meds he received were perfect. They helped him gain muscles in just 20 days.

Steroidsmix Testimonial

Vano reports that he had already gotten his meds from Steroids Mix. Everything was always delivered in a more than an anonymous package. The drugstore was always willing to help him. They adjusted his order for him when he wrote to them and asked them to do it. The meds had minimal side effects. They helped him grow 5kg of muscle. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any reviews for written in 2018. Below, I have captured the most recent reviews I managed to locate:

Steroidsmix User Feedback

Kevin is unhappy with He ordered his meds but did not receive them. He also did not get any replies to his emails. Pastziek reports that he has ordered meds to aid in the reduction of body fat from The drugstore was great with communication and they helped him get products which worked for him.

As you can see in the above reviews, there is no customer who is complaining of having gotten fake meds from Steroids Mix. Actually, the customers are happy with the meds which got delivered to them. They worked perfectly with minimal side effects. The only complainant is complaining because he was yet to receive his meds. The reviews prove that the Big Pharma is the one trying to close generic drug stores. It is not that the stores offer counterfeit meds. Coupon Codes

Steroid Mix did not have any coupon codes on the external coupon sites. However, the site had a coupon code on its official site and some offers. The coupon code buyers were using to get a 5% discount is DISCOUNT5. The drugstore was offering free shipping for orders worth more than 350 dollars.


Steroid Mix was a drugstore that focused on delivering genuine medications. However, the Big Pharma efforts to make sure that people lack the ability to buy cheap generic meds online have led to the drugstore seizure by the authorities. Although did not have the lowest prices online, the pharmacy prices were much lower than those available in the local pharmacies. This is something worth noticing. The reviews available online prove that was a good drugstore.

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